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Our Carefree Visa Program
(D8, D7, D3, D2)

Portugal stands out as a captivating destination for those applying for a visa, offering a rich tapestry of history, culture, and nature. The country is also part of the Schengen Area, which allows Portuguese visa holders to explore 26 European nations seamlessly. The cost of living is reasonable compared to many other European countries, and the healthcare and education systems are of a high standard.

Visa application processes are generally transparent and user-friendly, with an increasing emphasis on digitalization, making it convenient for applicants to submit their documents. However, like any visa application process, there are also challenges to consider. One notable aspect is the variation in requirements depending on the type of visa sought—whether it be for retirement (D7 visa), work (D3, D2, and D8 visa), study, or other purposes (such as investment visas like the HQA Visa). Navigating through the specific documentation needed for each category can be complex, requiring careful attention to detail.

Additionally, while Portugal strives for efficiency, unforeseen delays can occur, making it crucial for applicants to initiate the process well in advance of their planned travel date.

Frederik Pohl, CEO of Pearls of Portugal

Pearls of Portugal works with an experienced immigration partner. We guide you throughout the whole moving journey, helping you understand and adhere to the regulations and ensuring that all necessary documents are in order to mitigate potential issues.

Pearls of Portugal offers the most comprehensive visa program in Portugal, assisting you not only with all the specific visa application requirements but also with a wide range of relocation and settling-in-Portugal services, such as finding the ideal accommodation and the most tax-efficient solutions for your specific situation.

I would be delighted to discuss with you the Pearls of Portugal Carefree Visa Program, which is the simplest and most hassle-free method to successfully apply for a visa and relocate to Portugal.

There are many steps to take before you can ultimately settle in Portugal, and the Portuguese paperwork can be quite complicated.

Due to a lack of time, many applicants are unable to fulfil their dreams of moving to Portugal and seeking a new home.

There are numerous options available for solitary steps, but it can be challenging to determine what is necessary and how much it will cost.

What distinguishes our Carefree Visa program in Portugal?

visa program portugal

In order to effectively apply for your visa as well as relocate to and establish yourself in Portugal, you will work with one key account throughout the entire process.

The visa program offers all the services required for obtaining a visafinding a new home in Portugal, establishing your life here and applying for NHR tax benefits.

Most importantly, because there is only one set price for all the services required throughout the entire process, you will have price security.

Being the most complete program on the market, our Carefree Visa Program has assisted numerous clients in accomplishing their dream of relocating to Portugal. To learn more about it, contact us to schedule a free consultation!

Enjoy Portugal! We Take Care of Everything Else




The complete Pearls of Portugal Carefree Visa program

Understanding your eligibility for the program and general program structure considerations;
Assessment of your needs and requirements in order to tailor our methodology to your specific situation;
Preparation of a documentation list that organizes the required paperwork to be presented with the application form;
Completion of the application and fee forms as well as other legal documents;
Reviewing of the documentation gathered;
Communicating with the competent legal authorities (if applicable);
Scheduling an appointment with the Portuguese Consulate/Embassy in your area, as well as coordination with the Consulate/Embassy regarding the required documents to be presented;
Issuing of your taxpayer identification number (NIF) and mediation of fiscal representation for one year (if applicable);
Opening a Portuguese bank account with a reputable institution;
Registering as a tax resident in Portugal (you are only able to be registered as a tax resident after concluding a a) property purchase or b) a long-term rental agreement valid for more than 6 months);
a) property purchase (we act as your buyer’s agent):
Personal investment consulting;
Personal search by an appointed consultant. We search for you in the entire online market, as well as local brokers and private owners on over 120 portals, banks, and 70 brokerage networks;
Coordination of the entire purchase process (viewings, CPCV, and deed);
Mediation of other service providers (banks, lawyers, construction & renovations, utilities, insurance and so on);
Handling of price negotiations to get you the best deal possible and overall communication among participants in the operation;
Market value analysis;
Property due diligence;
Banking and mortgage advice;
b) long-term rental agreement:
Extensive consultation on where to rent in Portugal based on your interests, needs, budget, and so on;
A dedicated personal team provides personal support. We search for you in the entire online market, as well as local brokers and private owners;
Scheduling up to ten viewing appointments within four weeks;
Handling price negotiations to get you the best deal possible;
Professional assessment of market prices to ensure a good rental value;
Transparent listing of all rental costs;
Assistance with the rental agreement and legal reviewing of all documents;
Arrange and coordinate any additional service providers you require for the rental, such as cleaning, renovation companies, utility services, insurance, lawyers, and so on;
Virtual tours of your favorite properties are subject to partner availability for the service if you are unable to visit Portugal;
Proceeding with your residence permit application once the visa is approved;
Adoption of all the necessary measures before the Immigration Department AIMA appointment;
Collecting the residence permit card on your behalf after it has been issued;
Non-habitual resident (NHR) eligibility and tax consulting;
NHR program application (if applicable);
Register as a self-employed individual with the Tax Authorities and request of Social Security number;
Providing assistance with instructions for issuing invoices, submitting VAT and Social Security returns;
Assistance with Issuing of the Health Number and assistance on obtaining Private Health Insurance;
Driver’s license exchange;
Issuing of the Portuguese social security number;
Advice on international schools in Portugal;

Carefree Visa program timeline

Frederik Pohl
Frederik Pohl, CEO
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