How to Start a Company

Starting a company in Portugal and creating 10 jobs for the next five years is an option to get a Golden Visa in Portugal. After the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis, this option is even more supported by the government. This option is recommended if you already have a concrete business in mind or have experience in your home country and would like to expand/move to Portugal.

We at Pearls of Portugal help our clients to start the company and also guide you through the Golden Visa application process.

Types of Companies

There are 3 types of singular companies with one owner:

  • Individual Entrepreneur (Empresário em Nome Individual)
  • Single Ownership Society (Sociedade Unipessoal por Quotas)
  • Individual Limited Liability Establishment (Estabelecimento Individual de Responsabilidade Limitada)

There are 5 types of companies with more than one owner:

  • Private Limited Companies (Sociedade por Quotas)
  • Anonymous Society (Sociedade Anónima)
  • Collective Partnership (Sociedade em Nome Coletivo)
  • Limited Partnership (Sociedade em Comandita)
  • Cooperative (Cooperativa)

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