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Where to buy real estate

What is quite confusing regarding the real estate location is that the new rules now have two regional parameters that determine your investment: A: “low-density” / “high-density regions” and B: “interior” / “non-interior” regions. Looks complicated but it is quite easy if you understand the practical implications.

The “density” factor basically determines the minimum investment thresholds you have to meet for the GV application. The values in low-density areas are 280k with renovation and 400k without renovation while the high-density areas are 350k with renovation and 500k without renovation.

The new regional parameter is the “interior parameter” and defines the investment types in real estate you can do for the GV.  In “interior areas” you can buy residential or non-residential properties. Whereas in “non-interior” you can buy non-residential properties like tourist buildings, offices, hotels, stores, etc.

High Density Low Density
Interior Region
Mixed Region*
Not Interior Region

*Some Parishes are part of the interior region.


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