Visiting properties in Portugal is not much different than in other countries. One difference, however, is that larger companies, in particular, can have their visit to the property logged with a signature. This often triggers irritation among buyers, as you are asked to sign something that you might not understand yet. However, the background of this signature is an internal process and not bad intentions. If in doubt, sign with “Mickey Mouse.” We have put together a series of tips in a checklist to make it easier for you to view properties in Portugal:

  • You can use Google to explore the house and the surrounding area before your visit. Use this opportunity to get a picture beforehand and to cancel the appointment if necessary.
  • Check the photos in the advertisements in advance for mould problems. A lot of damage or wall discolouration can already be seen in the pictures.
  • Be punctual on time on the agreed date. Even if you are on vacation and it is a southern European country, the broker will leave after a while and will not come back so quickly.
  • If you like the property, you should first keep this to yourself. We have often seen customers run euphorically through the house and later wondered that price negotiation was complicated. Stay cool.
  • The taste of furniture is customary in Portugal. Some customers consider the furnishing style more than the nature of the house. Focus on the house and not the furniture.
  • Ask the broker everything that is important to you. In case of doubt, you should not rely on the statements of the broker or the owner. You should clarify many points such as construction options, neighbouring properties, etc. with the city administration through a lawyer.
  • Pay attention to moisture damage on the walls. The areas around the windows and weather sides, in particular, are often weak spots. In Portugal, there are usually no moisture barriers installed, which can be seen in the areas of the baseboards.
  • Also, review places in the property that may not be immediately accessible. If the house has access to the attic, be sure to take a look at it. Look behind closets if possible. In the basement, it usually looks rather untidy. However, you should still look in the corners to see if there are any building defects or moisture. Wrong restraint is out of place here.
  • Take enough time to visit and take pictures if necessary. We have often seen buyers walk through the property, and questions remain unanswered later.
    Take your time to explore the area around the house. Take a long walk or drive through the city by car. If necessary, it is worth returning to the property at a different time of day and getting a second impression. Rule out that nothing is bothering you significantly, such as loud dogs, street noise, or hotels in the area.
  • Check the sun orientation when visiting the property. Everyone has their preferences here. Some like it very sunny and some more sheltered.
    Some houses are already in tourist rental and are advertised as such. In these cases, be sure to get an overview of the rental income and read the comments of the visitors. Both can be done over portals such as Airbnb or Booking without much effort.

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