Portuguese Property Tax (IMI)

How does the Portuguese Property Tax work?

The property tax Imposto Municipal Sobre Imóveis (IMI) is paid annually in Portugal as in other countries. You will receive the notification at the address registered for the Portuguese Tax Number NIF. The tax for apartments and houses is between 0.3% and 0.45% of the building value Valor Patrimonial Tributário (VPT), deposited with the tax office. For buildings on agricultural land, the percentage is 0.8%. You can calculate the property tax below in section B.


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The property value Valor Patrimonial Tributário (VPT) needed to calculate the property tax is found in the “Caderneta Predial“. If you’d like to find out about the IMI before buying a property, it’s worth looking at the document that must be available for the sale of a property. As a rule, the registered value is relatively low, therefore there’s only a small amount to be paid.

Use the calculator below to get an estimate of your property’s IMI

Calculate your property's IMI

*IMI is a Municipal Property Tax which is updated and must be paid annually by the owners of properties or land in Portugal.

This is the final price that you pay for the property. If you include other objects like furniture or websites in the purchase, you should get a separate price for them. They are not part of the IMT. 1. Property Price:

2. Location:

3. Property type:

The annual tax is a simple multiplication of the taxable property value (Valor Patrimonial Tributário or VPT) and the tax rate. The VPT can be found in the tax registration (Caderneta Predial) of the property. Every real estate broker or private seller needs to have this document. 4. Property VPT:

5. District:

6. Municipality:

7. Children:

IMI to pay:


Here you can simulate a business case study for short or long-term rentals for a period of five years.

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