Portuguese NIF

If you wish to purchase a property in Portugal, you need a Portuguese NIF (Número Identificação Fiscal) – your personal tax number. You will also need this number on many other occasions like opening a bank account in Portugal. We recommend our customers get the NIF when searching for property. The application for the NIF has no tax consequences, so you do not automatically become taxable in Portugal unless you provide a Portuguese address when registering. Applying for the Portuguese NIF is relatively easy. To do this, visit a tax office anywhre in Portugal (Serviços de Finanças). It is not necessary to contact the tax office at the location of the property.

You can also go to the tax office near the hotel or the airport. You will get the NIF in each tax office after waiting for a while. The NIF can also be requested from the Portuguese embassy in your home country. Since the service of the embassies is not good, it is advisable to apply locally. The tax number is valid for a lifetime.

What documents are needed to get the Portuguese NIF

You need the following documents to apply for the NIF:

  • A valid passport / ID card;
  • Proof of your address. If it is already on your ID card, this will be enough. Otherwise, it is possible to show a bill that shows your address.

Costs for the NIF in Portugal

You will receive the NIF immediately. The cost is between 12€ – and 15€ per person. If you do not want to be a tax resident in Portugal, you should give your home country address when registering. You will also receive all correspondence to your home country, which is an excellent advantage if you do not use the property all year round.

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