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When buying or selling in Portugal, it’s necessary to get the Property Technical File (‘Ficha Técnica da Habitação’ or simply FTH), amongst many other documents. Find out all about it!


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What is the Property Technical File in Portugal?

The Property Technical File (‘Ficha Técnica da Habitação’) is one of the obligatory documents when acquiring a property in Portugal. The lack of this document can invalidate the realization of the Deed.

It’s a document that describes all the technical and functional elements of an urban residential building, transmitted after the conclusion of construction or reconstruction works, made to the property. Its preparation and presentation to future buyers is mandatory.

The FTH is required for buildings that have been built or have undergone reconstruction, extension or alteration works after March 30, 2004, the date Decree Law n 68/2004, of March 25.

When is the FTH not mandatory?
  • Buildings constructed before the entry into force of the General Regulation of Urban Buildings, approved by
    Decree-Law 38382 of August 7, 1951;
  • Buildings erected after the date referred to in paragraph a), provided that on March 30, 2004, they had obtained the
    utilization license or had applied for its issuance.
Whose responsibility is it to prepare the Property Technical File?

The real estate developer is in charge of preparing the FTH. On the other hand, the technician responsible for the work will be responsible for confirming the information in the FTH. For the document to become valid the signatures of the two entities above must be on the document.

When is the presentation of the FTH required?

The original FTH must be delivered to the buyer at the deed. But it can and should be made available before the deed, so that the buyer can have access to all the information required and possess all the necessary documentation at the time of concluding the deal.

property technical file portugal
What if the Property Technical File is not in conformity?

The verification of nonconformities will imply administrative and civil liability for those who signed the non-compliant information. Depending on the gravity of the administrative offence, the amount of the fine may vary.

Which entities are obliged to make the Property Technical File model available on the Internet?

Under IMPIC’s law, both the Directorate-General of the Consumer and the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC) must make the model of the FTH. Here is an example of a Property Technical File.


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