Certidão Registo Predial (CRP)

‘Certidão Registo Predial’ or CRP is one of the documents you must get when buying or selling in Portugal, amongst others. Find out all about it!

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What is the ‘Certidão Registo Predial’?

The ‘Certidão Registo Predial’ is an essential document to buy, rent or sell a property.It’s as if it were the “identity card” of the property to be transacted, where all the information of the registrations made in it to date is present.

The CRP describes the history of the dwelling with respect to its constitution, location and serves to confirm the ownership of its owners. It also mentions the existence of charges associated with the property (liens, mortgages, usufructs that are registered or pending registrations). Therefore allowing one to obtain a full knowledge of the situation of the property in legal terms.

How do I obtain the ‘Certidão Registo Predial’?

You can go to a land registry office, where it costs €20, or online through the Land Registry website, where it costs €15.
In the case of obtaining it online, in addition to having a more affordable cost, whenever you need to change an act of registration, this is changed automatically. The certificate is valid for 6 months after its request.

How is the ‘Certidão Registo Predial’ renewed?

To get started, go to the Online Land Registry website and access the form. There, input your personal information, including your complete name, email address, and, if you like, your NIF or phone number. The next step is to decide if you want to renew the certificate or subscribe.


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