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When buying or selling in Portugal, it’s necessary to get the ‘Certidão Permanente’ of the property, amongst many other documents. Find out all about it!


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What is the ‘Certidão Permanente’ in Portugal?

The ‘Certidão Permanente’ is a document required to confirm the legal ownership of the property, stating the location, identity of all owners, associated charges, such as the existence of liens, mortgages or usufructs. This document is mandatory for the purchase, rental or sale of a property and serves as proof before any public or private entity. It includes registrations already made in the past, but also those that are pending.

How do I get the ‘Certidão Permanente’?

Online, at the Land Registry website, at a Land Registry office, at a Citizen Shop (‘Loja do Cidadão’) or in a ‘Espaço Registos’.

What do I need to request it?
  • Name of the person or entity holding the property
  • Address, postal code and locality of the property
  • Email address (to receive the certificate requested)
  • Number of description of the property (land registry or in book)

You must indicate some information such as the district, municipality and parish, as well as the description number of the land. And in the case of an autonomous fraction, the letter/number that individualizes it.

certidão permanente portugal

How do I consult the ‘Certidão Permanente’ of a property?

  • Access the Land Registry website;
  • Enter the access code of the certificate you want to consult. The access code is given when you request the certificate.
  • By entering the access code you will obtain access to the CRP of the building and to the CRP of the chosen fraction, if there is one.

The notary, registrar or lawyer requires this access on the day of the Deed in order to confirm the identity of the current owner. Also to see if no encumbrances have been registered recently that could alter the business.

It costs €15.00 and the access code is valid for 6 months and is always up to date and available through the internet.

How to renew?

On the online platform or in person. Since the certificate is valid for six months, you must renew it in the last month before it expires.


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