Atlantic Coast

Portugal’s Atlantic coast stretches almost 700 kilometres on the entire West side of the country. The coast offers a wide variety of landscapes, cities, and cultures. Each region on the coast has a distinctive character and attracts tourists with cliffs, sandy beaches, and lots of nature. In the past, the area was primarily shaped by summer guests from Portugal.

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Despite the cooler sea temperatures, many people enjoy the great weather on the famous main beaches in summer. Meanwhile, however, many international tourists have discovered the region for themselves. This primarily includes visitors with interests in surfing, fishing, or hiking. Although, you will not find any mass tourism, like in the Algarve. In addition to smaller villages, many small maritime towns stretch along the coast. This visit entails a short journey through time into a significantly decelerated world. Here are a few examples. An internationally undiscovered city is Esposende in the north of Portugal. The city is also often compared to Lagos in the Algarve due to the beautiful sea channels. In terms of landscape, the region is similar to the Baltic Sea but has a significantly warmer climate. Investors are drawn to the region because the summers are not quite as hot as in the south of Portugal but, nature is as strong as in northern Europe.

The city of Aveiro is about half an hour south of Porto and is also called the Venice of Portugal. If you are looking for a city with lots of water and traditional architecture, this is the place for you. In the suburbs, the areas near the beach, modern properties can be purchased for less than €200.000. 

In the centre of the country, there is the beach town of Nazaré. It is now known worldwide for its extraordinary surfing conditions, the big waves. Many world records have been set here, and its fishing traditions fundamentally shaped the place itself. The long, crescent-shaped beach is known for its beauty and pure white sand beach.

A little town further south is the town of Sines. It has a historic old town with a castle and a large port facility. The city’s most famous son is the seafarer Vasco da Gama. Due to the strong refinery facilities, the town was previously avoided by investors. Due to the very sustainable politics in the last decade, the environmental conditions around the city have normalized significantly. This brings the beautiful and traditional character back to life. These are just three examples of attractive towns on the Portuguese Atlantic coast.

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