Regions in Portugal

As a buyer, you should start by choosing the region that best suits your individual needs. Don’t fall into the trap of focusing on factors such as travel times to bigger cities. We recommend listening to your gut and heart, not only your brain. Portugal’s Mediterranean climate, mouthwatering cuisine, economic opportunity, and varied landscapes will entice you into frequent visits—or even moving permanently. The more time you spend here, the more important the surrounding area becomes. That’s why we always recommend starting by identifying the best region for you. 

What do you need  to lead the best version of your normal daily life? What requirements and infrastructure can’t you live without? Emigrating to Portugal is different from spending a few weeks here on holiday. Beaches are fun for vacation, but if you don’t need them for more extended stays, you open up a wide range of stunning countryside possibilities. Keep in mind that the price differences are very high, especially between the major cities and the rural regions towards the Spanish border.

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