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Terms & conditions investment service

Terms and Conditions for viewings of the buyer’s agent services

1. Organization of the viewings

Local viewings of investment alternatives are limited to 3 days and in a maximum of 2 adjacent “concelhos”. If more than 3 days are scheduled for visits, a separate payment of EUR 499 per additional day will be charged. If the customer would like to view investment options in more than 2 adjacent “concelhos”, EUR 499 per day will also be charged for visits to the additional “concelhos (s)”. 

At least 4 objects per day must be scheduled for the accompaniment of a Pearls of Portugal employee during the viewings.

2. Exclusion of liability

Claims for damages are excluded unless otherwise stated for the following reasons.  Pearls of Portugal points out that for the correctness of the content of the transmitted data of purchase or rental options, Pearls of Portugal can not be held liable or responsible as they are provided by third parties. The provider contracts third-party providers such as lawyers, agents, architects, or “solicitors” within the scope of its services. For the services of the third-party providers Pearls of Portugal is not liable. Excluded are claims for damages after a grossly negligent or intentional breach of duty by the provider.

Pearls of Portugal does not assume any responsibility for the usability of property for tourism, livestock, agriculture, or other usages. The usability must be checked separately by the investor and require the approval of the authorities.

3. Assignment and pledging ban

Claims or rights of the customer against Pearls of Portugal may not be assigned or pledged without his consent unless it has been demonstrated a legitimate interest in the assignment or pledging.

4. Code of Conduct

We have submitted to the following Code of Conduct: Corporate Values. The Code of Conduct can be accessed electronically at the following URL:

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