Simulate your Business Case

You are interested in investing in real estate?  You don’t know how to get an exact calculation of the costs and tax fees you will have to pay?
Now, you can simulate your own business case with our specialised calculator. 

Business Case Calculator

There are a lot of factors to take into account when it comes to real estate investments regarding short-term and long-term renting.

  • The property transfer tax, called IMT (Imposto Municipal Sobre as Transmissões Onerosas de Imóveis), can be simulated in the first section;
  • The annual property tax IMI (Imposto Municipal sobre Imóveis ) can be simulated in the second section;
  • Simulation of your business case for five years, for real estate investments regarding long and short-term renting, is reserved for the last section.

Furthermore, you can find tips on how to fill in the fields by using the form marked with the icon  .

Take the chance to plan your business case and invest wisely!

Calculate your property's IMT

* IMT is a tax on onerous transfers of properties in Portuguese territory.

This is the final price that you pay for the property. If you include other objects like furniture or websites in the purchase, you should get a separate price for them. They are not part of the IMT. 1. Property Price:

2. Location:

3. Property type:

IMT to pay:


Stamp duty:


Total IMT tax to pay:


Calculate your property's IMI

*IMI is a Municipal Property Tax which is updated and must be paid annually by the owners of properties or land in Portugal.

The annual tax is a simple multiplication of the taxable property value (Valor Patrimonial Tributário or VPT) and the tax rate. The VPT can be found in the tax registration (Caderneta Predial) of the property. Every real estate broker or private seller needs to have this document. 4. Property VPT:

5. District:

6. Municipality:

7. Children:

IMI to pay:


Rental investment simulation

* Here you can simulate investments for short or longterm rentals for a period of five years.
The results are simulations and should be confirmed by specialized lawyers or tax consultants. The results are merely informative.

8. Renovation costs:

Long term renting is the normal renting based on a contract. Short term renting is touristic renting (alojamento local). 9. Do you want to do short term or long term renting?

The results are simulations and should be confirmed by specialised lawyers or tax consultants. The results are merely informative.

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