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With the initiative “Pearls of Portugal – Most Romantic Place” we aim to create new opportunities to show off this beautiful country. As we often say, we are passionate about Portugal and we want to give everyone the chance to see it through one another’s “eyes” and share their own view.

The competition is free to enter and open to both professional and amateur photographers. Every entrant must submit an original photograph of the place they consider to be the most romantic in Portugal. The 1st place winner will be awarded 4 Romantic days with dinner and Spa circuit for two. Other prizes include 1 or 2 Romantic nights for two, and a Romantic Massage for two + exfoliation and circuit. Pearls of Portugal is accepting entries until the 24th of April, 2023 and the winners will be announced in May 2023.

The “romanticism” measurement will be up to the jury’s discretion. And photography experts will evaluate the quality of the image itself.

submissions are now closed


2nd place

1 or 2 Romantic nights or 1 Romantic night with Dinner

1st place

4 Romantic days with dinner and Spa circuit

3rd place

Romantic Massage for two + exfoliation and circuit

*One photo can only win one prize. A photographer can win more than one prize if they submit more than one winning photos. Prizes will only be sent to Portugal.

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Free to enter and open to both professional and amateur photographers. 

Those interested in participating should submit an original photo through the form above.

The photo must be digital or scanned, and may have been taken with any image capture instrument, such as: digital or analog camera, cell phone, among others.

Original is understood as the photo belonging to the submiter. The photos must have a minimum resolution of 100 dpi, minimum width of 1,000 pixels, and maximum size of 3 megabytes.

Participant must follow Pearls of Portugal account on Instagram.

Each person can participate as many times as they want.

Photos that do not respect the rules presented in this regulation and/or that fall into the following cases will be excluded from the contest:

  • Image protected by intellectual property laws or by privacy and publicity rights;
  • Obscene, offensive, slanderous, defamatory or forbidden by law content;
  • Inadequate photographs, with low quality or that, for any reason, are outside the required standards;
  • Photographs that do not fit the contest theme (The Most Romantic Place in Portugal);
  • By submitting a Photo to our website the Participant represents and warrants to Pearls of Portugal that they are the original photographer of, and accordingly all rights, including the copyright of the Photo are owned by them or they have the permission of the copyright holder and that Pearls of Portugal is free to use the  Photo as provided in these Terms without obtaining permission or a license from any third party. Their publication and display does not infringe any copyright, related rights, or industrial property rights of third parties. 
  • The Participant guarantees to have informed all the people in the Photo, that their image can be disclosed by Pearls of Portugal and that they have consented to such publication/disclosure. 
  • The Participant also guarantees to have the authorization of the people for the publication and exhibition of the Photos in which they appear.
  • Pearls of Portugal is not responsible for any copyright or other violations committed by participants in this contest.
  • The Participant grants Pearls of Portugal the unlimited non-exclusive use of the Photo for activities in all media, including social media, online and print, and promotional activities without any remuneration being due.
  • Without prejudice to the copyrights recognized by law to the photographic work Pearls of Portugal is hereby authorized to exhibit them.
  • Pearls of Portugal reserves the right to modify or suspend the contest, at any time, in case of technological anomaly or in case of verification of performances that may indicate the practice of criminal offenses.
  • Pearls of Portugal reserves the right to disqualify participants who deliberately attempt to violate, at any time, the rules and spirit of the Contest.
  • The decision is sovereign and not subject to complaints.

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