Working with a Buyer’s Agent in Portugal

Buying a House in Portugal: Advantages of Working with a Buyer’s Agent

Many people are interested in buying real estate in Portugal, either to live in or as an investment, but they soon realize that doing so can be difficult sometimes. When buying a house in Portugal, it is important to ensure that you’re buying a reasonably priced property with no legal or planning concerns. However, this is more challenging than actually buying the property.

A buyer’s agent is a person who represents the buyer, helps you find the right investor’s property, and uses their sales negotiation skills to simplify the process of buying a home. Buyer’s agents differ from real estate agents in Portugal (or realtors), who represent the seller’s needs and often receive a five percent commission for their services.

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The key responsibilities of a buyer’s agent are finding the right investment property, using sales negotiation skills to simplify the process of buying a house for their clients, and offering professional advice. However, there are other important responsibilities that they perform, which are as follows:

Importance of Working With a Buyer’s Agent

Working with a renowned buyer’s agent like Pearls of Portugal is important for several reasons. The Portuguese real estate market and legal procedures may be very challenging to understand, especially if you don’t speak the language or are unfamiliar with the country. The following are key reasons why you should consider working with Pearls of Portugal when you’re planning on buying a house in Portugal.

Difficulty in getting reliable information

You may have trouble finding reliable knowledge regarding purchasing a property. Although there is plenty of information on buying a house in Portugal online, much of it is unreliable or outdated. In the end, nothing can compare to the guidance of a professional who is well aware of your needs and has your best interests in mind. It is important to remember that not all high-end luxury properties are accessible online, and dealing with a buyer’s agent can open up more possibilities for you.

You make avoidable mistakes

If you are unfamiliar with Portugal, you risk buying a home in the wrong place or one that is not right for you. Additionally, you can underestimate how much work a property needs in terms of restoration or acquiring a home that is not precisely what you were looking for.

Risk of legal problems

You probably aren’t aware of all the legal procedures for buying a house in Portugal. The advantage of working with a buyer’s agent like Pearls of Portugal is that they are familiar with the procedures and are aware of potential issues. When buying a home in Portugal, there may occasionally still be debt associated with the property. A property may have numerous owners, some of whom may not even reside in Portugal, another issue to look for. Another issue is that some properties can be expanded or built without the required planning clearance, which can be problematic for prospective buyers.

The buyer’s agent carries out property searches

Portugal differs from other countries because there isn’t a single repository for real estate data. This implies that property searches may be dispersed and challenging to carry out. To identify the ideal house for you, a buyer’s agent will thoroughly search the Portuguese real estate market depending on your specifications.

A buyer’s agent carries out legal checks

Another advantage of working with a buyer’s agent like Pearls of Portugal is that they are familiar with legal procedures and are aware of potential issues. They can help you determine whether a property is prepared for purchase by consulting the certificate of title for the building. Using a buyer’s agent will ensure that the work contract is fulfilled if you hire builders and developers.

Language barrier for foreigners

You will have someone to communicate with all the important contacts, such as architects, builders, and surveyors, which might be challenging if you don’t know Portuguese if you use a buyer’s agent in Portugal. You will always be dealing with someone whose interests are not your own if they stand to gain from selling you the property immediately.


Information from local estate agents may confuse foreign purchasers unfamiliar with Portuguese market prices and terminologies. A buyer’s agent will bargain on your behalf to secure the price you should be paying because they are aware of it.

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