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Where to Rent a House in Portugal 2024

When you aren’t sure of moving to Portugal long-term or you don’t have the means to, renting is the best option. But then, the question of where exactly to rent in Portugal arises. The country is small, yes, but each region and city has its own different identity, way of living and, of course, price. We have assembled this article in order to help you understand which Portuguese city or town makes the most sense for you. Come find out more!

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Renting a home in Portugal

When looking for properties to rent in Portugal in order to get a feel of the market, you may notice that, in some areas, the offer is scarce and rapidly distributed. This is when the Pearls of Portugal Long-Term Rental Service comes into play. When you work with us, you can trust that we will find an array of houses that meet your needs, right in the area of your choosing. Plus, before and after renting, we take care of all necessary procedures and bureaucracies, such as getting a NIF and setting up utilities.

Where to Rent in Portugal in 2024*

North region


Nestled in Portugal’s Minho region, Braga radiates an age-old aura. In fact, it is one of the oldest cities in Portugal – making it extremely historically and architecturally rich, full of beautiful works from Roman time (being even monikered the ‘Portuguese Rome’). But don’t be fooled, Braga acquainted itself to the times very well, becoming quite modern and a home for many important cultural events in the country. This is amplified by its famous university, which brings a lot of youthfulness and diversity to the city every year and ensures lively cafés, art spaces and tech hubs. Braga is great for the city people looking to save a few bucks, since it is quite cheaper than Porto, for example!

Average 2-Bedroom price: 900€/month

Ponte de Lima

Located in the almost absolute North of Portugal, Ponte de Lima is the oldest Portuguese town (“vila”), and it is quite peaceful – making it an incredible choice if you want to experience authenticness and tranquillity. Many Portuguese classics like the singing style desgarrada, typical craftsmanship (‘Artesanato’) and religious celebrations (‘romarias’) are tradition here. It’s smaller and with fewer foreigners, so English might be a little problem. However, the people of Ponte de Lima surely will do their best to help you.

Average 2-Bedroom price: 800€/month


This is another (very) Northern gem. Located in the district of Vila Real, Chaves stands as a beacon of wellness and historical significance. The town’s old timer status is evident in its stoic Roman bridge, a silent witness to countless generations and their tales. Yet, Chaves offers more than just a peek into antiquity – its renowned thermal springs have anointed it as a focal point for those seeking rejuvenation. Here, harmony-loving people can delve into wellness, sustainability and a very authentic Portuguese way of living.

If you dream of having your own orchard, farm or vegetable garden, or, at least, buying your produce from one, this could be the perfect town for you.

Average 2-Bedroom price: 500€/month

where to rent portugal 2024 braga

Where to rent in Portugal in 2024 – Center Region


Aveiro is a very charming city in the Center region of Portugal, that’s often referred to as the “Venice of Portugal”, due to its many canals and colorful boats (called ‘moliceiros’). Although booming with tourism in recent years, Aveiro maintains its traditional spirit quite well. Much like Braga, the city keeps itself refreshed and updated through its famous university, which receives thousands of new students every year. Here, you can expect a lively, yet genuine way of living, full of opportunities and activities. Just imagine yourself eating a fresh fish from the ‘ria’ for lunch, then the typical Ovos Moles for dessert, maybe a ‘tripa’ in the afternoon while on your beach walk. It could all be yours!

Average 2-Bedroom price: 900€/month


Located in the district of Santarém and renowned as the former stronghold of the Knights Templar, Tomar brims with historical depth and intrigue. The Convent of Christ, proudly declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, majestically punctuates the city’s skyline, serving as a testament to Tomar’s storied past.

However, the city is more than just a historical gem. Tomar vibrates with contemporary arts, musical gatherings, and spirited local celebrations, like the mesmerising Festa dos Tabuleiros, which is considered one of biggest festivals in the world – probably the reason why it takes place only every four years. Tomar’s community deeply values its ancient legacies, while fervently championing modern creative endeavours. It is also a great option for nature lovers, due to the peaceful embrace of the Nabão River. And, of course, it’s also much cheaper than Lisbon – which is an hour and a half drive away – and Nazaré, its famous close neighbour.

Average 2-Bedroom price: 700€/month

portugal 2024 aveiro vacation home

Where to rent in Portugal in 2024 – Alentejo

Reguengos de Monsaraz

Reguengos de Monsaraz is a typical small Alentejo town located in the south-central part of Portugal. With the building of the Alqueva Dam, this whole region, which was already considered magnificent for its history, came to life even more because of the artificial lake (the largest in Europe!). To the already existing historical and cultural riches, such as the various megalithic monuments; handmade potteries of São Pedro de Corval and popular regional wines, were added breathtaking landscapes and great amounts of warm waters, which allow for a lot of water activities and pleasant swimming.

The whole Alentejo region is known for its slow pace of living, making it perfect for those tired of the hectic city life. Moreover, Reguengos could be just the place for you if you’re a foodie! Alentejo is known for its many delicacies, both sweet and savory.

Average 2-Bedroom price: 600€/month


The capital of the Lower Alentejo is known for being very calm and laid-back, with increasingly fewer people. But if you’re the peace-loving kind, a city like Beja could be just perfect for you! Just look at its beautiful traditional Alentejo houses, which are much cheaper than in the majority of the country. Plus, it is rich in architecture, history and agriculture, making it great for people who appreciate slow living in all aspects of life.

Average 2-Bedroom price: 600€/month

vacation home portugal 2024 alentejo
The typical houses of Alentejo



Lagos, in the Algarve region, is where the ocean serenades the cliffs! Known for its dramatic coastline, beautiful, warm turquoise waters and many resorts, Lagos promises a laid-back yet adventurous life. The town, though touristy, has retained its authentic charm with its fish markets, tiled streets, and local festivals. Living here feels like a perpetual vacation, interspersed with lucrative work prospects. It is also home to many English-speaking expats, so communication definitely won’t be a problem!

Average 2-Bedroom price: 1.300€/month


Sagres is located at the southernmost point of Portugal, surrounded by the sea on almost all sides, making the lovely town a popular destination for surfers and retirees alike. It has everything you might need – supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals -, plus the closeness to main cities like Lagos and Portimão. The downside (or maybe upside for you) is that a lot of people are attracted to the tranquillity and seaside-ness of Sagres, making it a bit expensive, but that’s a general truth of the Algarve.

Average 2-Bedroom price: 1.200€/month

where to rent portugal 2024 madeira



Funchal, Madeira’s capital, is Portugal’s current best poster child. Everywhere, you can hear and read about what to do here, where to stay and eat, how to move, etc. As this is happening predominantly amongst the digital nomad community, who organizes and promotes a lot of both business and leisure events – causing a demand for renting.

This is all very understandable when you look at Funchal’s array of qualities: the lush green mountain ranges, unique beaches (some with black sand!), typical architecture (don’t miss the traditional Madeira houses), mouth-watering gastronomy and warm weather all year round. Of course, there is the obvious downside of travel difficulty, because of the island factor, but Madeira is adapting itself to the times very well – everything you need, you can find here!

Average 2-Bedroom price: 1.300€/month


São Miguel

Azores is Portugal’s other archipelago – composed of nine volcanic islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, with the most popular being São Miguel.

São Miguel is nature lover’s paradise, offering a wide range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, whale watching, birdwatching, diving, and surfing. These islands are also known for their hot springs, lakes, waterfalls, and lush vegetation. Like Madeira, its island factor can be a downside but you can quickly hop on a plane and get to whatever you want. But you probably won’t want to leave anytime soon!

Average 2-Bedroom price: 900€/month


*All statistics are based on idealista‘s renting report, plus listings on the platform.

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