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How to Buy a House in Albufeira: Guide

Albufeira is one of the most popular towns in the Portuguese southern region known as Algarve. During the summer, thousands flock to its shores to enjoy the sunny weather and sky-blue waters; thinking and yearning for them during the winter. Of course, when planning a holiday, one of the biggest concerns is accommodation. Well, after buying a house in Albufeira, you will never have to worry about that again. We guarantee that you will fall in love so quickly you might not want to leave, moving permanently. Whether for a temporary or permanent stay, or even investment, let’s look into how you can start planning your property purchase in Albufeira with our guide!

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Is Albufeira worth it?

Well, yes. Just look at the town’s location: right on the bottom Portuguese coast, touched by the Atlantic but shielded from its cold quality that’s very prevalent on the Northern coast of Portugal. Albufeira is located between Portimão and Quarteira, just a 40-minute drive away from the Algarve capital, Faro. It is less populated and not as busy as Faro, but close to all necessary amenities.

Albufeira’s rich history

The former fishing village is insanely popular among English-speaking foreigners (as of 2020, 35,8% of Albufeira’s population was foreign), and has been since the 1960s when the British discovered this paradise of sun, beach and sea.

Ever since then, its economy has been sustained by tourism and real estate. But, despite the modern hotels and the millions of tourists who visit every year, Albufeira retains its traditional atmosphere and, at its core, is still the fishing village it has always been.

What is there to do in Albufeira?

During the summer months, of course, going to the beach is a priority. Along its 30 km of coastline, Albufeira has 25 beaches, all certified Blue Flags – the European recognition for beach quality. Praia do Peneco and Praia dos Pescadores are the most frequented since they are located right in town. But if you love walking and are looking for a quieter area, you can walk east to Praia do Inatel or Praia dos Alemães. To the west, between Albufeira and Galé, the coast is lined with tiny cove beaches. This way, the next beach to lay down your towel is Praia da Galé, which is perfect for water sports fans, since it has water-skiing and jet-skiing facilities.

Back on land, there is no shortage of what to do. Albufeira was occupied by the Moors for five centuries, so there are many historical remnants of that time all over town, with the most prevalent being the Cidade Velha (Old Town), a dazzling white patch of houses on top of the cliff, where Albufeira was born. The ‘Marina’ is also a very interesting and important part of the town – among the yachts and leisure boats at anchor, you’ll also find the local fishermen’s boats that add a lot of color to the port.

Albufeira Nightlife

And, of course, besides the beach, nightlife is one of the main selling points of Albufeira, considered one of the best nightlife scenes in southern Europe! The party starts during the day, with Boat Parties off the coast or Sunset Parties with bare feet on the sand. After dinner, the pilgrimage to the Cidade Velha begins, usually at Largo Duarte Pacheco and it ends (almost invariably) at Avenida Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, where most of the bars and clubs are located.

albufeira portugal beach buy a house
Wide, sandy beach in white city of Albufeira

The real estate market in Albufeira, Algarve

Algarve houses are rather different, painted white – to keep them cooler, because of the heavy sun exposure -, with details in either blue or yellow. If you’re a traditional enthusiast, you can renovate one of these, for example. But, if not, Albufeira has many different types of real estate: besides traditional houses, there are luxury estates, gated apartment communities, and, of course, waterfront properties. As of March 2024, according to idealista, the average price for a property on the Albufeira real estate market is 3.355 €/m2.

How to buy a property in Albufeira

As a foreigner, buying a house abroad can seem a daunting process, but, with the help of Pearls of Portugal – the #1 Buyer’s Agent in the country – everything will go just fine. Here’s how the process goes when you buy a property in Albufeira with us:

  1. After you sign with Pearls, we take care of the initial steps right away, like getting you a NIF (Portuguese tax number) and opening your Portuguese bank account
  2. The buyer’s agent assigned to you will look into the local real estate market and find properties that suit your needs
  3. After you select the properties you like the most – via our Client Area -, the agent will book the visits (either physical or virtual)
  4. When you choose your ideal house, we take care of all document submission and bureaucracy, such as a possible mortgage and licences
  5. We will review the CPCV (promissory contract) with a trusted partner lawyer, in order to assure that everything is perfect and we will be present when you sign
  6. After everything is set, sign the deed and the house is yours!
  7. If you intend to invest, we take care of getting you your Alojamento Local licence, plus we set up utilities, insurances and anything else you might need

Cost of Living in Albufeira

If your plan is to move to the house you’re buying in Albufeira, like so many other expats, it’s important to know about the town’s cost of living:

ItemCost in EUR
Rent for a 2-bedroom€1100
Utilities for 2 people (Electricity and water)€110
Public transport (Albufeira monthly pass)€18
Internet/2 Phone plan€50
Gym (per person)€30
Transportation: Tank of gas€100
Dining out 5x/month€180
albufeira marinha algarve
Albufeira's 'Marinha'

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, there are no restrictions as to who can buy a house in Portugal – as long as you have the means and all the documents in order.

Yes! This way, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary money transfer and exchange rate fees.

Yes, all permanent residents must pay taxes but, of course, they depend on a variety of factors – the main one being if you’re working in the country. The only program that can exclude you from this is the NHR, but it is currently under changes. 

It depends on your standards. If you’re American or British, the real estate prices in Albufeira will surely make you smile. Albufeira – and the Algarve, in general -, are still much cheaper than most of the other tourism-led European regions.

As of March 2024, 3.355 €/m2.

Yes, it is generally easy to relocate from the United States to Portugal, including the Algarve and Albufeira. Although this is a very case-by-case experience, more and more American people every year are migrating to southern Portugal, so the process is improving, every day. 

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