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Investing in Portuguese real estate is more popular than ever. Whether you’re coming to the country to relax, work or invest, it’s important to be all caught up with the market and know about what you need. Below you can find all sorts of information and suggestions, as well as properties. Get a feel of what the future can look like for you:


PG1219: 3 Bedroom apartment in new development in Santo António, Lisbon

PG1077: 1 Bedroom apartment on the slope of Serra do Pilar, Vila Nova de Gaia

Useful Information


Caderneta Predial Urbana

The Caderneta Predial Urbana is a unique certificate for each property, as an identification document of the property. Issued by …

energy certificate portugal

Energy Certificate

The energy certificate has been mandatory for the sale of new and old buildings in Portugal since January 2009. This …

buying a property portugal

How to buy a Property in Portugal

Buying property in Portugal is more popular than ever. From its stable economy to a favorable tax regime, growing tourism …


Inheritance Tax

The Portuguese inheritance law provides for the payment of a tax rate of 10%, called Imposto de Selo, on the …


IMI – Portuguese Property Tax

How does the Portuguese Property Tax work? The Portuguese property tax “Imposto Municipal Sobre Imóveis” (IMI) is paid annually in …

imt property transfer tax portugal

IMT – Property Transfer Tax

The property transfer tax in Portugal or IMT (Imposto Municipal Sobre as Transmissões Onerosas de Imóveis) is the tax on …


houses for sale portugal 2023

Supply of Houses for Sale in Portugal has Increased in 2023

According to a new study, the supply of houses for sale in Portugal has increased in 2023. Let’s look into why that is!

housing crisis portugal

Housing Crisis in Portugal: Myths and facts about the influence of foreigners on the Portuguese property market

Myths and facts regarding the housing crisis in Portugal, especially regarding foreigners’ involvement in the matter.

car insurance portugal

All About Getting Car Insurance in Portugal

How can I get car insurance in Portugal as a foreigner? Pearls of Portugal guides you through the whole process!

property taxes portugal

Property Taxes In Portugal: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Before you buy a property in Portugal, you should get to know the array of property taxes that you will need to pay!

mortgage portugal

How To Get A Mortgage In Portugal As A Foreigner

How can I get a mortgage in Portugal as a foreigner? Pearls of Portugal guides you through the whole process!

construction portugal mistakes

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Construction in Portugal

Before you hire construction in Portugal, make sure to avoid these common mistakes. Read our guide to ensure a seamless construction process!

rent in portugal mistakes

The 10 Biggest Mistakes When Renting a Property in Portugal

Renting a property in Portugal can be a breeze if you know what mistakes to avoid. Come discover how to navigate the rental process with us.

buy a property portugal mistakes

The 10 Biggest Mistakes When Buying a Property in Portugal

Avoid mistakes when you buy a property in Portugal with our guide. Explore the top 10 pitfalls to sidestep and ensure a smooth purchase.

selling property in portugal taxes

Selling Property in Portugal: Taxes and Capital Gains

Understand Portugal’s property selling tax rules including capital gains, non-resident taxes, and reliefs.


Real Estate Trends in Portugal for 2023

Real Estate Trends in Portugal for 2023 House prices in Portugal have been volatile because of the coronavirus pandemic, creating …


Investing in Real Estate

The best way to acquire Portuguese citizenship is through real estate investments. Come and find the best solutions for your move to Portugal!

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