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Online NIF Service in Portugal

Diogo Vedes – Immigration Services

The Tax Identification Number (NIF) serves as your pivotal link to the Portuguese tax system, indispensable for various legal endeavors, including leasing or purchasing property, initiating banking relationships, and more.

Essentially, your NIF acts as your fiscal identity within Portugal, providing a crucial foundation for conducting financial transactions and fulfilling your tax obligations. Whether you’re considering a move to Portugal or embarking on legal formalities within the country, obtaining your NIF stands as the essential precursor.

Notably, your NIF retains its significance even if your tax residency status undergoes alterations in the future. Whether you transition to resident or non-resident status, your NIF remains a constant, streamlining administrative processes and maintaining continuity in your fiscal affairs.

Get your NIF online in 4 days and only 120 Euros

Gather Required Documentation – Collect all necessary documentation for the NIF application process.

Authorize the Representative – Provide written authorization to your chosen tax representative, granting them the legal authority to act on your behalf in matters related to obtaining your NIF and handling tax affairs in Portugal.

Submit Application – Your representative will then submit the application to the Portuguese tax authorities on your behalf.

Monitor Progress – Stay in communication with your tax representative to monitor the progress of your NIF application. They will keep you informed of any updates or requirements throughout the process. It is estimated that it will be allocated in 4 working days.

Receive NIF Confirmation – Once your NIF application is processed and approved, your fiscal representative will receive confirmation of your NIF on your behalf.


Identification document (citizen card or passport)

Proof of address (public deed, rental contract, utility bill such as electricity, water or gas)

If your residence is in a country that does not belong to the European Union you’ll also need:

Power of Attorney granting the Tax Representative powers to represent you before the Tax Authority.

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