Your home business card

An exhaustive and ideally compelling description is essential to attract interested parties to your property and get it to sell quickly. The interested parties can gain a comprehensive view of your property through a professional, well-structured description.

Afterwards, you can decide if contact and a visit are worth it. The more detailed your description, the sooner you will receive requests from potential buyers who are really interested in and wish to visit your property.

What should a good description have?

In addition to high-quality photographs of the interior and exterior, as well as a plant, your description should contain the following information:

  • Location;
  • Features: number of bedrooms, garages / parking spaces, balcony, terrace, etc;
  • Dimensions: of usable area, construction area and total area;
  • Construction info: the year, a short curriculum vitae of the house (previous renovations, conversions/extensions, etc);
  • Equipment: kitchen, toilet, type of heating system, floor covering, condition of windows, doors, winter garden;
  • Access to transport and infrastructure (schools, doctors, shops);
  • Asking price and ongoing operating costs;
  • Your contact details and accessibility.

Besides mentioning these facts, you should also use a compelling and emotional writing. Use a catchy title and follow the AIDA (Attraction, Interest, Desire, Action) principle. But make sure you stay objective and don’t describe your property more positively than it is, otherwise you will set your expectations too high.

When presenting the floor plan, it is important to give an idea of the distribution and size of the rooms:

  • It can be useful to draw closets, living areas or beds;
  • All main rooms must include the area and/or dimensions.
Must have quality content to showcase your home

Any photos used must offer a potential buyer, the best sneak peek of your home and any points that make her unique.

Use a good camera to photograph your home. Cell phone photographs are usually not of sufficient quality. To create a nice gallery of photos of your home, here are some pointer to consider:

  • Take about 10 photos that show the living area, bathrooms, kitchen, outdoor areas and even the property as a whole;
  • Panoramic or 360° photography is especially beneficial in large rooms;
  • Slideshow is also a creative way of using photographs to present the house to any potential client;
  • Special Tip: Be careful when taking pictures, by choosing ideal lighting conditions, to make the property more attractive.

These elements are very valuable. Our experience has shown that the sale price can go up to 20% higher when using high-quality photographs.

The last add-on of your home business card

When looking for a house, any potential buyer will have questions about a property, to which they will want a quick answer. At the very least, they wish for a customised client experience, where you or the real estate agent in charge of your property are easily reachable.  

Make sure you can be contacted for queries and can respond quickly. If you have to travel or work a lot, it can be helpful to hire a real estate consultant or agent.

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