Best selling tips

Selling a property is a very important step in someone’s life for several reasons: memories we create, what it represents, investment, raising the family…

In this text, we summarize the best tips and strategies to sell your property as quickly as possible and for the best price.

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10 Tips for selling your property

What real estate sellers need to know to sell a house easily, profitably, among other things…

Properties for sale must be better presented than those intended for rent! Develop your own strategy to sell your property and be successful with these important tips and tricks.

Things to know:

  • Reserve some time for necessary preparatory work.
  • A professionally presented property sells much better.
  • A good sales consultant will give you a suitable sale price.
Tip number 1

Dedicate enough time!

Before selling your home, you should invest time in the necessary preparatory work and arrange the sale well in advance. Don’t underestimate the process. Property sales are complex and specialisation is required.

Selling under time pressure always has a negative effect on the selling price. With the help of a marketing concept, you can check in the sales process whether your measures are developing favourably and, if necessary, make some adjustments.

Tip number 2

Have defined and clear goals!

First, ask yourself some basic questions about your goals by following this checklist:

  • What sales price do you want?
  • How much of the sale price are you willing to negotiate?
  • What furniture do you want to leave in the house (kitchen equipment, cabinets)?
  • When can the new owner move?
  • What is the most realistic and appropriate selling price?
  • Is the transition between leaving the property and moving to a new home seamless?
Tip number 3

Develop a taste for the RIGHT selling price!

  • Those who overvalue their property scare away potential buyers.
  • If you underestimate the sale value of your property, you are losing money that you would otherwise earn fairly.
  • Leave some margin for negotiating the selling price.

The crucial factors in finding the right price are:

  • The location, including city and district;
  • The size and solar orientation of the property;
  • The zone reference value (one square meter value);
  • Current use (whether the property is free or rented);
  • Infrastructure in the area (access, transport, services, restaurants,…);
  • Other factors under evaluation.
Tip number 4

Up to 30% more for the sale price if it’s a non-rented property! As a general rule, you get up to 30% more for the selling price of your property if it’s not rented.

What should you do if you want to sell your home while tenants are living there? Include your tenants in the sale of your home. The landlord must inform the tenants when they decide to sell.

Tip number 5

What’s the right decision: self-marketing or real estate agency?

A lot of people underestimate that the successful sale of a property is time-consuming and requires specialised knowledge. It is necessary to have enough time and knowledge to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of your property’s market value compared to the average prices in the region;
  • Set the price;
  • Take professional photos;
  • Publish advertisements in newspapers and on the Internet;
  • Create a compelling synopsis;
  • Make phone calls and manage email traffic with potential buyers;
  • Coordinate commitments;
  • Successfully conduct all the sales steps.
Tip number 6

Get all the necessary documents right from the start! If you do that:

  • Questions from potential buyers can be answered more quickly and accurately.
  • The business consultant can create a higher quality exhibit when they gather all the property documents.
  • Hiring becomes simplified.
Tip number 7

Make your property shine!

What counts is the first impression. Thus, you must get your property in perfect condition, inside and out:

  • Clean and organize everything, creating order and cleanliness;
  • Carry out the necessary repairs;
  • Decorate attractively and create a good atmosphere;
  • As an alternative, get professional help for the preparation of the property, for visual and emotional improvement;
  • Depersonalise the house by removing personal objects, photographs, clothing, cosmetics, etc.
Tip number 8

Professional presentations and online presentations are becoming more and more important! To get the best presentation possible:

  • Take photos of your property in good weather rather than rain, snow, seasonal decorations and reference to current residents;
  • Create an eye-catching synopsis with professional indoor and outdoor photographs and texts that highlight the most positive aspects of your property. Include floor plans and a map of the area with existing infrastructure;
  • Have the support of a professional, so that a better appearance is guaranteed;
  • Exposure must not be exaggerated or hide defects;
  • Disclose your property to all contacts of potential buyers;
  • Make good ads and place them in the most popular newspapers and websites.
Tip number 9

Prepare everything better for the visits!

Take some time to prepare and present your property in a pleasant environment:

  • Cleaning and depersonalizing;
  • Carrying out repairs;
  • Painting any wall;
  • Putting fresh flowers on a table;
  • Ventilating well and spreading a pleasant but not too strong perfume.

Prepare for the visit and emphasise your property’s strengths without hiding any defects. This openness builds trust and can have a positive impact on sales negotiations. Have all the necessary documents, such as blueprints, etc., and a representative form ready where you have all the key information. Also bear in mind, if possible, the additional costs that the future owner will have (eg condominium, repairs, etc…).

Tip number 10

Don’t rush into price negotiations!

You should respect the process, so that you’ll have a successful negotiation:

  • Determine exactly your absolute price cap and your target price and write down these reference values;
  • Don’t be too quick in price negotiations;
  • Ask for some time to think about price proposals, avoiding quick decisions;
  • A successful sale requires experience. Before the first sales pitch, you should introduce your friends to the property to gain confidence and habit;
  • Listen to the interested party first – this allows for the collection of buyers’ requests and sales pitches, more focused;
  • If you no longer have more room for negotiation, you can consult the inventory and offer some components such as furniture, appliances, among others.

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