Why real estate exclusivity?

Anyone who wants to sell a property as an owner is regularly faced with the question of hiring one or more real estate agents to sell. The real estate agent has a central role as a mediator for the owner and all potential buyers. Clients commit to the real estate agent during the contract period with intensive efforts to bring the desired purchase or sale to a successful conclusion.

The real estate agent’s activities include, for example, carrying out appropriate advertising measures at their own expense. In return, the client waives the involvement of other real estate agents or third parties. In the case of an exclusive contract, the real estate agent puts all their experience, connections, and market knowledge, as well as their knowledge of the modalities of a real estate transaction, at the service of their client.

The situation is different in the case of opting for non-exclusivity. This scenario does not commit a real estate agent to a special promotional activity. They can just wait and see if a suitable offer arrives by chance. In addition, there is a risk that a property advertised by multiple websites will “die”. The same property may be advertised several times on the same website – sometimes even at different prices. This makes neither the object itself nor the owner’s intention to sell seem particularly trustworthy.

All experience shows that a property that is offered many times and at the same time often becomes unaffordable. Only in the case of exclusivity is a client entitled to the full agency. No one should give up exclusivity lightly.

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