The best time to sell

Anyone looking to sell their property often wonders if there will be an ideal time to do so. When it’s the case of an important personal event, such as an inheritance, sale of a house after divorce, or a change in employment, the decision is usually the result of the event itself. For example, if the children have already left home and the owner(s) feel that they no longer need as much space, a sale is usually the best solution.

After all, a property must adapt to the needs of the owners. If a homeowner is in financial difficulty and is no longer able to repay their loan, selling their property may be an option. However, the sale of real estate should not be done under pressure, otherwise, the desired price may not be reached.

Define a strategy. If you prefer, you can sell your property in spring or summer, so that you can present it in a more beautiful season, or for example, so that families with children in school have time to move before the start of the new school year.

Of course, while you are on vacation you cannot sell a property to a potential buyer. Interestingly, the real estate market is best sold or prepared during the classic holiday months. According to Google Trends analysis, the search terms “sell a house” and “buy a house” are most commonly used in July and August. Buyers and sellers have shown an increase in interest in these months, probably because they have more time to research online. Nowadays internet access is available in almost all hotels and apartments.

As few months elapse between research and purchase, autumn is also usually a good sales period. Usually, sellers and buyers take a short break around Christmas time.

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