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How to sell your property in Portugal

In any country, selling a property is no simple matter. Mistakes can quickly add up. Trying to close the deal in a foreign country like Portugal is even more difficult. At Pearls of Portugal, we put your needs before everything else and get the sale done for you quickly and easily. We provide first-class sales support in your native language. Contact us to find out more!

Frederik Pohl
Frederik Pohl, CEO
Sell your property the best way in Portugal.
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Why should I sell my property with Pearls of Portugal?

We have a team of experienced professionals ready to help you every step of the way. Pearls of Portugal understands the national real estate market as well as Portuguese laws and customs. Your agent will create a marketing strategy to promote your property to potential buyers using different platforms such as international websites, social media and local investors.

We’ll help you obtain all the necessary documents, set the right price, get an idea of the current market, advertise your property and filter potential buyers from the “slackers” whose interest will get you nowhere.

We offer our customers an extensive and unique range of services:

  • Management of costs and organization of the preliminary contract, which is drawn up for you by our partner lawyers.
  • Personal support from a customer advisor throughout the sales process
  • On-site visits
  • Professional property valuation to achieve the optimum selling price
  • Preparing the energy certificate
  • Provision of sales material
  • Online on all relevant platforms
  • Professional photos and virtual tours (optional) of the property
  • Marketing on our website and in our newsletter
  • Coordinating appointments with notaries
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What do I need to sell a property in Portugal?

Before selling your property, you must have all the necessary documents, such as:

The process of selling a property in Portugal

1. Initial personal consultation

The aim of the first steps is to understand why you are selling your property in Portugal, your preferences for the progression of the sales process, and to get to know all aspects of the property. In this way, we create the basis for a detailed study of the property and its surroundings. We do this by carrying out an intensive inspection, capturing images for internal discussion and evaluation, and cataloguing the property’s features. In this way, we analyze strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of potential buyers.

2. Well-founded assessment

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the market, trends, local experience and the characteristics of your property, we determine the ideal price for listing your property. You benefit in particular from the use of specialized software, which develops and uses algorithms for well-founded price assessments. This cutting-edge technology, combined with on-site expert advice, is at your disposal with Pearls of Portugal.

3. Target group analysis and marketing strategy

Your property needs to be presented in the best possible way to the right audience. Thanks to our wide range of marketing channels, each property advertisement is formulated to suit the target group, so that the property reaches as many buyers as possible. Traditional and innovative marketing channels are complemented by a comprehensive approach aimed at potential buyers. This is one of the key success factors in selling your property.

4. Visits

Who knows your property better than you? We’ll have an in-depth on-site briefing with you and the agent in charge to find out everything we need to present your property to potential buyers. You’ll receive free professional estate agent signs that can be placed on your property, and we’ll provide you with important documents that will help you prepare the property for viewings.

5. Campaign status reports

The basis of our daily work with customers is regular reporting on marketing status and activities, as well as direct information on relevant events (purchase price offers, market knowledge, etc.). The same applies to individual coordination with expanding marketing activities and increasing publication popularity.

6. Price negotiations and purchasing processes

Contract and price negotiations are conducted and moderated by us in a professional manner . We can also assist you with the appointment of a notary and the signing of other contracts, such as the CPCV or other reservation contracts. We’re with you every step of the way, right up to the final deed of sale.

What legal provisions apply to real estate agents and contracts in Portugal?

Portuguese real estate brokers are subject to the legal regulations of the IMPIC (Instituto dos Mercados Públicos, do Imobiliário e da Construção) and must hold a valid AMI license. Real estate agents are required to indicate their license in all commercial communications, and are also obliged to do so when arranging visits with potential investors.

In Portugal, where an agent’s commission is generally 5% and included in the sale price, there are no legal restrictions on the fees that can be charged. Estate agents are paid exclusively by the seller, so there is no sharing of mediation costs between buyer and seller.

A real estate mediation contract CMI (Contrato de mediação imobiliária) is a contract by which a company duly authorized to practice real estate mediation seeks, on behalf of its clients, receivers for the realization of deals aimed at the constitution or acquisition of real rights over real estate, the exchange or rental thereof, the assignment of positions in contracts having real estate as their object, in return for remuneration, due to the conclusion and realization of the deal targeted by the exercise of mediation.

The real estate mediation contract must be drawn up in writing and must contain the following elements

  • The identification of the characteristics of the real estate that constitutes the material object of the contract, with the specification of all the charges weighing on it;
  • Identification of the company targeted by the mediation exercise;
  • The company’s remuneration terms, in fixed or percentage terms, as well as the method of payment, with an indication of the applicable VAT rate;
  • Identification of the liability insurance or financial guarantee or equivalent instrument, indicating the policy and the insurance entity or, where applicable, the capital guaranteed;
  • Identification of the real estate agent who may have helped prepare the contract;
  • Detailed identification of any ancillary services to be provided by the company;
  • Reference to the exclusivity regime, where agreed, specifying its effects for both the company and the customer.

Model real estate mediation contracts with general contractual clauses are subject to IMPIC’s prior approval.

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Why sell a property exclusively?

Anyone wishing to sell a property as an owner is regularly faced with the question of hiring one or more estate agents to sell it. The real estate agent plays a central role in mediating between the owner and all potential buyers. During the term of the contract, clients commit themselves to the real estate agent’s intensive efforts to bring the desired sale to a successful conclusion.

The real estate agent’s activities include, for example, the implementation of appropriate advertising measures at his own expense. In return, the customer waives the right to involve other real estate agents or third parties. In the case of an exclusivity contract, the real estate agent provides his customer with all his experience, connections and knowledge of the market, as well as their knowledge of the terms and conditions of a real estate transaction.

Frederik Pohl
Frederik Pohl, CEO
Sell your property the best way in Portugal.
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