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Many homeowners dive into the adventure of selling a property in Portugal without knowing exactly what to expect. There are many questions to clarify in advance. Get in contact with us to find out more!

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What do I need to sell a property in Portugal?


Before selling your property, you need to have all the necessary documents, such as:

Market Analysis

Research the prices of similar properties in your area to determine a fair price for your home and get a feeling of what is on the market.

Should I hire a real estate agent?

A good buyer’s agent will help you to get all the necessary documents, set the right price, show you how the current market is, advertise your property and screen out potential buyers from onlookers whose interest won’t get you anywhere. Leading the potential buyers into making an offer.

You don’t have to know everything about buying and selling a house. If you hire someone experienced, you will end up saving your precious time.

It’s highly recommended that a property is advertised on numerous platforms. With an agent, you get an experienced professional, with extensive marketing experience, knowledge of the best online platforms and of the most relevant publications.

Selling a property could be a pure investment but most of the time it’s also emotional. Having an expert at your side could help you to understand several perspectives and sell your property faster than expected.


selling a property portugal

Why sell a property with exclusivity?

Anyone who wants to sell a property as an owner is regularly faced with the question of hiring one or more real estate agents to sell. The real estate agent has a central role as a mediator for the owner and all potential buyers. Clients commit to the real estate agent during the contract period with intensive efforts to bring the desired sale to a successful conclusion.

The real estate agent’s activities include, for example, carrying out appropriate advertising measures at their own expense. In return, the client waives the involvement of other real estate agents or third parties. In the case of an exclusive contract, the real estate agent puts all their experience, connections, and market knowledge, as well as their knowledge of the modalities of a real estate transaction, at the service of their client.


The situation is different in the case of opting for non-exclusivity. This scenario does not commit a real estate agent to a special promotional activity. They can just wait and see if a suitable offer arrives by chance. In addition, there is a risk that a property advertised by multiple websites will “die”. The same property may be advertised several times on the same website – sometimes even at different prices. This makes neither the object itself nor the owner’s intention to sell seem particularly trustworthy.

All experience shows that a property that is offered many times and at the same time often becomes unaffordable. Only in the case of exclusivity is a client entitled to the full agency. No one should give up exclusivity lightly.

How to negotiate in Real Estate

After a successful visit to a property, it’s necessary to enter into concrete sales negotiations with potential buyers. Sales negotiations with the buyer is a very important step to move forward smoothly.

Sales negotiations should ideally be conducted by professional sellers or real estate agents, paired with professional techniques.

A real estate negotiation is clear and should always lead to a win-win situation for the parties involved. It is half of the way to have a successful sale process. The real estate agent will take over the sales negotiations with the interested parties. There should be a balance between the interests of the seller and buyer so that both parties are satisfied.

selling a property portugal

Five reasons why you should sell your property with Pearls of Portugal

We have a team of experienced professionals ready to help you in every step of the process. Pearls of Portugal knows the national real estate market as well as the Portuguese laws and costumes.

Your agent will create a marketing strategy to promote your property to potential buyers using various platforms like international websites, social media and local investors.

Having Pearls of Portugal as your ally to sell your property is having:

1. Fundamental Market Experience

We have extensive market experience and a network of local market experts as well as technical and legal advisers.

2. International client access

We offer listed real estate not only to the local market but also to international investors from all over the world

3. High Service Standard

We provide our clients with an extensive service package and high personal engagement from our team, plus follow up with all the leads.

4. Extraordinary success rate

We get the job done.


We have a wide network of partner real estate agencies, with whom we get in touch when we don’t have our own clients that match your property. These are agencies that we know and trust.

selling a property portugal

The process of selling a property in Portugal

  1. Initial personal consultation

The focus of the first steps is understanding your reason for selling your property in Portugal, your preferences for the progression of the sale process, as well as knowing all aspects of the property. This way, we create the foundation for a detailed study of the property and surroundings. This is done through intensive inspection, capturing images for internal discussion and evaluation, and cataloging the object’s characteristics. This way, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of potential buyers.

  1. Well-founded assessment

Based on comprehensive market analysis, trends, local experience, and the characteristics of your property, we determine the ideal price for your property listing. Among other things, you benefit from the use of specialized Software, which develops and uses algorithms for well-founded price assessments. This state-of-the-art technology, combined with expert on-site advice, is available to you with Pearls of Portugal.

  1. Target group analysis and marketing strategy

Your property must be presented in the best possible way to the right audience. Combined with the wide range of marketing channels, each property ad is formulated to suit the target group so that the property reaches as many suitable buyers as possible. Traditional and innovative marketing channels are complemented by a comprehensive approach aimed at potential buyers. This is one of the success factors for selling your property.

  1. Visits

Who knows your property better than yourself? We will have a profound onsite briefing with you and the responsible agent to know everything that we need to introduce your property to potential buyers. You will receive free professional real estate agent signs that can be placed on your property and we will provide you with important documents that will help to prepare the property for the viewings. 

  1. Reports on the status of the advertising campaign

The foundation of our daily work with clients is regular reporting on marketing-related status and activities, as well as direct information on relevant events (purchase price offers, market knowledge, etc.). The same rule applies to individual coordination with expanding marketing activities and increasing the publication’s popularity.

  1. Price negotiations and purchase process

Contract and price negotiations are professionally conducted and moderated by us. Our team prepares the relevant documents for the contracts and coordinates all parties like lawyers and investors in the purchase process. We also stand by you to the notary’s appointment and other contract signings like the CPCV or other reservation contracts. We will be with you through the entire sales process right up to the deed.

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