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Portugal continues to offer an excellent quality of life and an enriching cultural experience for those who choose to call it home. However, there is a chronic shortage in the Portuguese rental market which makes the process very volatile and fast-moving. Foreigners have to cope with the additional difficulty that documents and laws are all in Portuguese. Expats looking for long-term rentals in Portugal will find themselves in a ‘landlord’s market. In response to the challenges posed by the housing market, the Portuguese government has implemented new rental laws in 2023 to enhance tenant rights and stability.

We from Pearls of Portugal work with an experienced team of local and native experts who guide our clients throughout the rental process and keep them well-informed.  Preparing all the necessary elements for a rental is the most important stage of the process and is oftentimes decisive in securing the best opportunity for your long-term rental in Portugal. We adapt our service to your requirements and can also realize the rental process remotely for clients who can not come to Portugal.

Helena Castro, Head of Client Management

 Pearls of Portugal’s long-term rental service gives you many advantages, such as access to opportunities from the local community and hidden markets, plus the obvious freedom from bureaucracy, which saves you a lot of time and patience. We are also happy to recommend the best neighborhoods to live in according to your criteria and lifestyle. After the rental agreement is done we also help with installing utilities and any other questions you might have. Most importantly, we are also there for you when you have questions in the future.

I’d be delighted to talk to you about the easiest way to long-term rent in Portugal!

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Advantages of the Pearls of Portugal Long-Term Rental Service

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We give you the perfect market overview. We are not limited by a portfolio but work with the entire market. We have access every day to about 50.000 rental properties in Portugal

We have access to the hidden markets. We have access to the entire Portuguese Online market, social media, work with 120 real estate networks, auctions sites, and banks.

We are your single point of contact. We manage and coordinate all other relevant services like rental documents, renovation companies, utilities, etc

We take care of the entire work for you. We take care of all crucial steps like searches, scheduling the viewings, getting the paperwork done, etc.

We help you to save money. We provide you with professional price assessments and negotiate the price for you with our local experts


The most important aspect for us is fair and trusting cooperation. You take no risks with us and always have control over the rental process

What our rental service includes

Extensive consulting on where to rent in Portugal according to your interests, needs, budget, etc.;

Personal support by a dedicated personal team. We search for you on the entire online market, local brokers and private owners;

Scheduling of up to 10 viewing appointments within a 4 week period;

Price negotiations are taken care of by your team;

Professional assessment of market prices to ensure a good rental value;

Transparent listing of all rental costs;

Assistance with the rental contract and documents;

Arranging and coordinating any further service providers you need for the rental like cleaning, renovation companies, utility services, insurances, lawyers etc.

Virtual tours of your favorite properties in case you cannot come to Portugal are subject to partner availability for the service.

Coordination with our legal team to understand what is needed to suit your visa

Long-term rental process with Pearls of Portugal

What do I need to start to long-term rent with Pearls of Portugal?

When starting the search for a rental property in Portugal, we will help you to prepare your search profile:

  1. Which regions do you prefer?
  2. In which city/region you want to rent in?
  3. What size/typology of property is wanted?
  4. What style do you like?
  5. Will you bring any pets with you?
  6. What is your budget?
  7. Do you have specific requirements for the contract (duration, fees, guarantor)? 

The documentation you need to long-term rent in Portugal depends a little bit on the seller or the rental company but these are the usual documents required:

  • A Portuguese Tax Number (NIF)
  • Valid ID
  • Proof of current address (like a contract or utility bill)
  • The guarantor’s ID (in case you need one)
  • Proof of employment, in some cases

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