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Our relocation service to Portugal

Relocating to a different country can and should be rejuvenating, but the bureaucracies may sometimes get in the way of the joy. At Pearls of Portugal, we offer you a personalised Relocate to Portugal package to make every aspect of your move and life easier.

Frederik Pohl
Frederik Pohl, CEO
Find the best to relocate to Portugal.
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What you initially need

There are some basic things you’ll almost instantly need to take care of when deciding to relocate to Portugal:

Luckily at Pearls we offer you a Relocation Service Package with all of these commodities included, so that you can worry less about the whole process. Depending on what you need and want, these extra services can also be included in your package:

You can also find more detailed information on our Buyer’s Agent page.

relocate to portugal

1. Visas

Golden Visa:  This permit gives you the right to live, work, and study in Portugal and allows free circulation in Europe’s Schengen Area for five years. The advantage of this program is that you only have to stay an average of seven days per year in Portugal over a five-year period. 

D7 Visa: The D7 visa was originally defined to attract retirees but has become also quite attractive for anybody that fulfills the low passive income threshold of 8460 Euro per year. This income can come from pensions, real estate rentals and investments, among others.  

D3 Visa: Aims to attract highly qualified professionals. The visa category offers fast-track processing and a clear path to obtaining Portuguese permanent residency and is also eligible after 5 years for Portuguese citizenship. 

D2 Visa: Applicants must prove that they either have founded a company operating in Portuguese territory or they have the financial resources to set up a company in Portugal. Besides the business capital, applicants should have a reliable business plan and in-depth research about future business in Portugal. 

Digital Nomad Visa: residence visa for non-EU workers looking to come work remotely in Portugal. It’s valid for up to a year and, as of November of 2022, can be renovated after that time period. Your monthly salary must be higher than €2820.  

2. Home search

Your assigned team will do everything in their power to find properties aligned with your needs, in the area or areas of your choosing. If you do not yet have an idea of what you want, they will also help you with recommendations. You can then either view the properties remotely or visit Portugal and check them out in person, always accompanied by us. If you want to get a clue of the types of houses and properties Portugal has to offer, you can visit our real estate website.

3. NIF 

The NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal or Número de Contribuinte) is the Portuguese tax number. You need it to get a bank account, to buy a property and to apply for some of the Visas. Therefore, we suggest you get one right away. If you don’t have a Portuguese address yet, then you’ll need a tax representative (Representante Fiscal) to vouch for you and get it in your name. This entity can be either a person or company with a valid NIF. You won’t automatically become taxable in Portugal. 

4. Portuguese Bank Account

You’ll need a NIF, valid ID and a Residence Certificate. Having a Portuguese bank account will make any money movements in the country much easier. There’s only one public bank – Caixa Geral de Depósitos – and many different private options.

If you don’t plan on doing anything much with your account, then a bank without maintenance costs would be your best choice. The most trustworthy option is ActivoBank. Besides not paying fees, you can also set everything up from the comfort of your home. With most banks setting up an account in person would be better, though.

5. Money Transfer

Transferring money to Portugal is doubtlessly something you’ll have to deal with more than once and the logistics can be a bother. Therefore, it’s definitely in your best interest to find the better deal – which banks usually are not. A money transfer provider or app are surely a better option. We recommend you get informed about currency exchange rates and be careful with dodgy-looking businesses. 

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Here you have the opportunity to provide us with a detailed insight of your specific ideas for an investment in Portugal’s real estate. 

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Frederik Pohl
Frederik Pohl, CEO
Find the best to relocate to Portugal.
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