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Alojamento Local Map 2023

With this dynamic map, we provide you with an overview of how all the areas in Portugal rate when it comes to lucrative rentals. This is to say, we measure the most sought-after destinations, as well as the least explored areas, where you can find a high supply of rental properties and where to find a low supply. 

What’s the point? Well, every year Portugal receives a lot of tourists looking for local accommodation or specific short-term rentals. The search tends to be around the biggest cities, where the supply of property and accommodation is higher. There has been a strong increase in the search for rentals in the countryside or inland, where the supply of properties is still lower. 

So, depending on your goal, there’s a lot of room to invest here. If you hover over Lisbon, you’ll notice it’s colored in dark blue, which signals that the city has both a high demand for rentals and a high supply of rental properties. On the other hand, if you hover over Miranda do Douro (North of Portugal) you’ll notice the lightest blue, which means the area has both low supply and demand when it comes to renting. 

High Supply
Low Supply
Low Demand X
High Demand

Frederik Pohl, CEO

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