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Planning on moving to Portugal? Anxious about finding a house? You don’t even know where to start? At Pearls of Portugal, we provide all the help, information and real estate services you need in order to make your relocation process as easy as possible.

Main Real Estate services

buyer's agent portugal

Buyer’s Agent Service in Portugal

Pearls of Portugal is the leading buyer’s agent in Portugal. We offer a unique buyer’s agent service portfolio to our clients. By …

buying a property in portugal

Long-term rental Service

Renting a property is often the first step in immigrating to Portugal. However, like in many other countries, there is …

Construction & Renovation Services

Construction or renovation? This can be a big decision when you buy in Portugal, since everything’s new and you’re not …

Additional Real Estate services

energetic renovations portugal

Energetic Renovations

Energetic renovations are most likely necessary after buying a property in Portugal, especially if it’s older. In this article we …

Buy Real Estate

relocation to portugal

Relocation Service to Portugal

Relocating to a different country can and should be rejuvenating, but the bureaucracies may sometimes get in the way of …

money transfer portugal

Money Transfer to Portugal

If you plan on or are already living in Portugal, it’s very likely that you’ll need to transfer money from …

After-Sales Services

Moving to Portugal can be very daunting if you are not acquainted with the language, laws, and culture. We have …

buying a property in portugal

Hiring a lawyer

You have found the right property in Portugal. Everything looks perfect. But now you’re facing some difficult questions: How should I …

Sell a property in Portugal

In any nation, selling a property is not simple. Errors can escalate swiftly in cost. Even more challenging is trying …

Alojamento Local

If you purchase a house in Portugal that you’re not going to use as your main residency, at least not …

Insurance in Portugal

If you are considering the purchase of a property in Portugal and you need to contract a home insurance policy, …

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