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Immigrating from South Africa to Portugal

Immigrating to Portugal from South Africa

Why You Should Do It and How

Whether you’re from the 011, the Mother City, or from Durbs and the surrounds, chances are you’ve heard a foreigner say this. “Wow, South Africa is such a stunning place. I’m definitely going to come back here for a visit.” And while they’re not wrong when they say that SA is one of the best holiday destinations on Earth, living here is another story entirely.

Almost everyone and their grandmother would jump at the opportunity to emigrate from South Africa and start anew. For most of us, it’s not so much about where we go – as long as we can get the stamp of approval on our visa applications. And that’s not to say you’ve lost your gees, are going to get rid of your Springbok or Bafana Bafana jerseys, and start calling a braai a barbeque… but for the moment, the state of our country has most of feeling that enough is enough.

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For a start, moving overseas from South Africa would mean experiencing a lot less crime. Like a lot less crime. South Africa has one of the highest rates of crime and corruption in the world. And what’s worse, we rarely see the need to report crimes to the police, because nothing ever comes of it. The next reason is that emigrating from South Africa means emigrating from Eskom. And if that’s not reason enough, then you’re probably one of the lucky okes who has a gennie in their garage.

For those with children, education and job opportunities overseas are far better than those here in SA. This means that emigrating from South Africa could give your kids a real chance at not having to struggle in their 20s, just to be making it by in their 30s. And if none of these realities are striking a chord, all we need to mention is the price of petrol – and the decision to immigrate has just been made for you.

But the American dream of owning a white picket fence became irrelevant long before even Trump became president. English weather isn’t our cup of tea. Australia is just another South Africa located somewhere else on the map. Russia is not an option. Asia would take some convincing. So, where is the best place for a South African to immigrate to?

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Well, Have You Considered Immigrating to Portugal?

Portugal was ranked by Global Finance Magazine as the fourth safest country in the world in 2019. The following year, Portugal also placed third in the 2020 Global Ranking of Peaceful Countries. And so, immigrating to Portugal can give us South Africans a sense of freedom and safety that simply isn’t possible to experience here. You can walk alone on the streets without your heart pounding with each alley you pass, and you can enjoy a drive through the city with your windows down and your phone on the dashboard – streaming 5FM.

Portugal also has a fairly warm climate, which is one of the main issues South Africans often face when immigrating. South African summers are unmatched, and even our winters are quite bearable. Portugal has different regions with different climates ranging from dry and hot, to warm and rainy, to long and scorching summers. So you’ll never feel out of your climate comfort zone.

The cost of living in Portugal is also relatively inexpensive. Your only short-term issue would be getting used to the change in currency. But when compared to the UK or even neighboring Spain, Portugal is among the most affordable of European states to live in.

As lovely as these above reasons make Portugal sound, most people looking to emigrate from South Africa are concerned about the need to learn a new language. And while learning the primary language of any place you’re looking to immigrate to is always a good idea, most Portuguese people speak English. So, you could immigrate to Portugal now, and learn the lingo while you live there. No problem.

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How Do I Immigrate To Portugal?

Immigrating is no easy task. And it’s not supposed to be. Uprooting your life, so you and your loved ones have a better opportunity putting those roots down elsewhere, takes a lot of time, energy, and sacrifice. One company that has been helping make the process of immigrating to Portugal easier and more achievable is Pearls of Portugal.

They’ve helped countless foreigners make the move to Portugal – providing them with the right information and steps to take to ensure their immigration dreams are made real.

The most successful immigration program Pearls of Portugal has on offer is their Golden Visa program. This 5 year residence-by-investment program is for non-EU nationalists, like us South Africans. Through the Golden Visa program, you’ll be granted the right to live, work, and study in Portugal – with the added benefit of freedom-of-travel throughout the Schengen Area.

If you’re a non-asylum seeker with the ability to invest a minimum of 280,000 EUR, then you’re eligible to apply to the Golden Visa program. You can choose one of three routes to attain your residency, which include:

Capital Transfer

  • Transfer a minimum of 1.5 Million EUR into a Portuguese Bank Account or Approved Investments
  • Purchase Habitational Real Estate that costs a minimum of 280,000 EUR
  • Invest 500,000 EUR in one of the following:
    • Scientific Research
    • Arts and Culture
    • Heritage
    • SME Portuguese Business
    • Private Equity Funds

Real Estate

  • Purchase Real Estate for a minimum of 500,000 EUR
    • (400,000 EUR in low population density areas)
  • 350,000 EUR minimum investment to refurbish residential properties older than 30 years
    • (280,000 EUR in low population density areas)


  • Create a minimum of 10 job opportunities in Portugal
    • (8 new jobs in low population density areas)
  • Increase the share capital of a company for a total of 500,000 EUR alongside creating/maintaining five permanent job opportunities for a minimum period of 3 years.

There are many different ways for you to immigrate to Portugal from South Africa. All you need to do is figure out which can be achieved the easiest and get the ball rolling!

If you’re tired of the same old South African song and dance, and are looking for new opportunities, a change of scenery, and a better way of living, Pearls of Portugal can help. Simply visit their website for more information on the best place for a South African to immigrate, and start your immigration process today!

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