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How To Bring Your Pet To Portugal

Are you planning on moving to Portugal? Congrats! Portugal is a beautiful country with so much to offer. But there’s no way you’re going without your pet. Are we right?

Honestly, that is entirely understandable. And thankfully, your furry companions will love living in Portugal just as much as you do!

If you are asking yourself, “can I bring my pet to Portugal?” then take a look at our guide below, where we’ll explain how to bring them with you on your move and more.

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Portugal’s pet import requirement list

Before you put your furry friend on the plane, there are a few basic rules. Let’s cover them now:

  • 5-animal limit: No one can enter Portugal with more than five animals. Certain airlines even have a two-pet limit per person, so it’s important to plan before booking your ticket.
  • Minimum age for entry: 12 weeks old is the minimum age that your animal must have before entering Portugal;
  • No pregnant pets: Pregnant pets are not allowed to enter the country, so plan accordingly
  • When you arrive, they should arrive: Owners must arrive in Portugal within a maximum of five days. If you go over the five-day limit, the government will consider the move to be “commercial,” In this case, there will be extra fees.
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Understanding the EU pet passport

Portugal is a member of the European Union and, as such, has specific requirements for importing animals from outside the EU. So, if your furry friend is a non-EU citizen, you will need an EU Pet Passport.

The EU Pet Passport is issued by your veterinarian and must be obtained before travel. The passport contains information on your animal’s vaccination history and health status. Your pet must also be microchipped before issuing an EU Pet Passport.

Once you have your companion’s EU Pet Passport, you need to contact the port of entry into Portugal to let them know you are bringing an animal.

pet cat
pet dog

Pets must be up to date on their vaccinations

Required vaccinations include rabies and distemper. Your pet must also be treated for tapeworms within 24-48 hours of arrival in Portugal. Your veterinarian can do this before you travel or at the port of entry into Portugal.

Finally, all animals entering Portugal must have a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. The health certificate must be dated within ten days of arrival and state that your pet is free of disease and fit to travel.

The best method of transport for your pets

There are a few different ways you can transport your animal to Portugal. The most common method is by air. The only animals you can bring on an airplane to Portugal are cats, dogs and ferrets.

However, this is not always the best option for your pet, as they may be exposed to high altitudes and changes in cabin pressure during the flight. If you choose to fly with them, select an airline that allows pets and that you book early, as space is often limited.

Another option is to transport your pet by sea. This is often the best option for large animals, such as horses.

If you are driving to Portugal, you can also transport them by car. This is a good option if you are only moving a short distance and if your pet is comfortable traveling in the car.

Whatever transport method you choose, ensure your pet has enough food and water for the journey and that they are comfortable and safe during the trip.

It’s worth mentioning that you should book your pet’s transport as far in advance as possible. This is because, both by air and by boat, the space for people traveling with a pet can be limited, and you’ll want to book a spot before there is no space left.

Child on horse
Pet Lizard

Now you know all about Portugal’s pet entry requirements

So, there you have it. All the basics on bringing your furry loved one with you on your move to Portugal. Just remember to start taking these steps well in advance before you move, and be sure that you make the experience as comfortable as possible for your pets.

We hope this guide has helped answer your question, “can I bring my pet to Portugal”.
If you have any further questions about importing pets into Portugal, don’t hesitate to contact the port of entry or your veterinarian for more information.

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