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Vicentine Coast: The perfect road trip

Portuguese dream coast

The western coast of the Algarve, the Vicentine Coast or Costa Vicentina, starts in the area of Odeceixe in the northern Algarve, ending in Burgau in the southern part of the Algarve.

Besides the dreamy amazing beaches, this famous coast line is also widely known for being part of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park. It is also a very popular road trip route!

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Map of an unexplored coast

As a renown piece of Portuguese coast, the Costa Vicentina or Vicentine Coast is very sought-after by people from all over the world. 

Combining the wide sunny regions of southwest Alentejo with the paradisiac beaches of Algarve’s coast, this is a captivating stretch of land unparalleled in the world. This area of the coast is quite extensive, which is why several people have tried to map it and make it a dream summer trip waiting to happen. 

To map it exactly, it takes some time but in general, the stretch of coast goes from Praia de São Torpes in Sines to Praia do Burgau, near Lagos. While Burgau is identified as the lower border, the upper border is somewhere between Alentejo and Algarve, in the small village of Aljezur. 

Aljezur itself, right by the coast, is located in the area of Odeceixe and it’s home to one of Algarve’s and Costa Vicentina most famous beaches, Praia da Arrifana. A small village by the coast, it attracts lots of people during the summer and surfers all year round. Between the typical white blueish houses of Algarve, the wide fields and substantial vegetation, it’s a quiet and relaxing place to vacation in.

coast 1
Aljezur coast

Full of breathtaking views, this coast consists in a combination of beaches that follow one another, with small villages in between. 

Another lovely trait of Costa Vicentina is the reduced flow of people you can find at these beaches. Most of them are almost totally deserted, due to lack of knowledge of them or hidden accesses. What could be taken as a disadvantage, turned to an advantage in this instance. 

This rugged coastline offers anyone who searches for long sunbaths and great waves, a variety of different beaches for everyone’s taste. In Aljezur area, you can count at least four different beaches, perfect for water sports such as surf, skimming and bodyboard: Arrifana, Vale de Figueira, Bordeira and Amado.

Around Vila do Bispo in the south, two famous seashore points are references: Cape Saint Vincent and Sagres Promontory. The first, with one of the most powerful lighthouses in Europe and the second, considered Europe’s southwest extreme, with a coastline that seems to march ahead into the sea. 

Both these two geographical points are famous for the unparalleled sea views they offer. 


Nature above all else 

Other than the amazing beaches, the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast attracts lots of nature lovers. Because what amounts to almost 100km coastline, actually has huge diversity of wildlife and vegetation. So, tourists and birdwatchers are attracted to this area but so are professionals such as zoologists and botanists.

A few features characterise Costa Vicentina. The high cliffs that constitute the design of this stretch of coast. And the beautiful schist and limestone cliffs always found in the area and beaches of Aljezur, as showed above.

The park starts around Sines area and ends in Vila do Bispo, with two great focal geographic points. Cape St. Vincent lighthouse, this coast namesake. And Ponta de Sagres, named after one of our renown kings and founder of the 15th century Nautical School there, Infante D. Henrique.

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