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The rich history of Tomar

The templar route of Tomar

Imagine owning a property in a place where History is imprinted in its every trace. Tomar is one of those places full of rich history, where you can experience the evolution of time!

In the district of Santarém, southern of Portugal, it’s close to several places. Only 1 hour away from Nazaré and 1 hour and 30 minutes away from the portuguese capital, Lisbon. 

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The headquarters of the Templars

Considered the city’s ex libris,  the Convento de Cristo is a renown historic feature. It dates from the 12th century and was once the headquarters of the renown order of Christ in Portugal.

It was later designated by UNESCO in 1983 as a World Heritage Site. The convent is a sum of artistic and historic symbols: the Renaissance portal, the Manueline window in the Chapter Room, the architectural details of the Main Cloister and the facilities associated with the Templar rituals. 

From its high point on the hill, the connection between the Convent and the town’s centre runs deep through the named Mata dos Sete Montes. What used to be convent premises for the monks to grow food and pray, is now 39 acres of land to take a stroll, do outdoor activities or make the most out of the picnic area.

Convento de Cristo
Aqueduto dos Pegões
The pillar that supported the Convent

Aqueduto dos Pegões was built with the explicit purpose of supplying the Convent with water.

The idea was for the aqueduct to have water from four water springs on the outskirts of the city. To fulfill its purpose, the aqueduct had 6km of extension, with 180 perfectly round arches, based on 16 broken arches in of the valley. On both ends, two reservoirs with domes on the outside, which housed in its vaulted interior large basins cleanse or purify the water.

Till now is one of the biggest aqueducts in the country.

Monuments aren’t the only ones to tell a story.

The town is connected to religious traditions, hosting Festa dos Tabuleiros every 4 years in July. In the Middle Ages it used to be a celebration of the crop season. Later, it became a Christian festivity associated to the Holy Spirit Devotion by Holy Queen Isabel, a Portuguese queen.

This festivity is basically a procession where women parade down the streets with trays adorned with bread and flowers on their heads.

What to look forward to

Outside Tomar lies the Castelo de Bode Dam.

This is a perfect spot to look into some water sports, relax by the water or overview the dam from a property by the banks. Along the dam shores, you can find several fluvial beaches with good facilities such as bars, waterslides and picnic areas.

Castelo de Bode Dam

A bit farther, a mild half an hour away, you can find Almourol Castle. This is a unique castle located on a small island on the Tejo river. Historically, together with other 3 castles (Tomar, Zêzere and Cardiga), it formed the defensive line of the river.

Nowadays, the only way to access this fairytale-like site is by boat, making you unwind and enjoy the ride!

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