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Ten Things To Know When Marrying Someone Portuguese

You Should Know the Following Ten Things When Marrying Someone Living in Portugal

Marriage is a beautiful thing. It is a union between two people in love and mutual agreement to spend the rest of their lives together. A wedding in Portugal can take on many different styles, depending on the details of the ceremony. 
Considering getting hitched to a Portuguese citizen while living in Portugal? Here are some things to keep in mind: 

Age of marriage

This is the most important thing to consider when you meet someone while living in Portugal. According to Portuguese law, foreign nationals living in Portugal may legally get married at their home country’s embassy or consulate. 
If either party is 16 or older but less than 18, both parties must have parental or legal guardian approval in writing for the contract to be valid.

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Cost of marriage

The total cost of your wedding in Portugal will, of course, be determined by the particulars you choose for the ceremony. Even so, it’s important to be mindful that administration isn’t free of some foreseeable expenses.

Number of Guests

Weddings are heavily influenced by the meal that will be served to guests and the guests that are invited to the wedding. Nowadays, Portuguese weddings typically invite around 150 guests. Since Portuguese families tend to be quite sizable, weddings are naturally enormous.

Traditional Portuguese weddings have guests greet the newlyweds upon arrival, followed by a short toast, and then guests are invited to join them for dinner. The bride and groom take advantage of the meal to meet and greet their guests.


If you are a foreign citizen living in Portugal, you do not acquire Portuguese nationality when marrying someone living in Portugal. However, they may apply for Portuguese citizenship after three years of marriage.


Dressing shopping for a wedding could be a drag. During the ceremony, the bride traditionally wears a white, usually long, simple wedding dress. The groom looks dashing in his sharp black or blue suit and white shirt. 

At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom will exchange wedding bands.

Type of wedding ceremony

If you find someone you want to tie the knot with while living in Portugal, there are some things customary to know. Even if you’re only having a small ceremony in Portugal, there are still some things you’ll need to prepare in advance. 

The presence of a witness is optional, but the presence of a maid of honor and best man is traditional.


If you are getting married in one EU member state, your union should be legally recognized in all the others (except same-sex marriages, since some countries do not recognize them as valid). However, you must follow the laws of your home country and get married there. 

If you want to be sure of the rules in your destination country, it’s best to get in touch with the consulate there. You should contact your consular services if you are not a citizen of the EU to find out if your marriage will be recognized and how to register it in your home country.

Legal Proceedings

In this process, you’ll need to detail the wedding’s location, date, property laws, and legal status (civil, Catholic, or legally recognized religious). Along with your application, please send in the following materials:


Presentation of documents is important when considering marriage someone living in Portugal. Some of them are:

  • Proof of identity and your right to be in the country, such as a birth certificate or passport.
  • Official documentation of your current address, like a passport or its equivalent;
  • Prenuptial agreements are permissible under the law, provided that they are not overly broad in scope and do not violate public policy.

Valid marriage license or proof that such a license is not available in the country of origin (issued within the last six months). Contacting your country’s embassy will give you instructions on obtaining this form. The requirement to provide this document does not apply to British nationals.


Portuguese are big on Religion and the minister officiating the ceremony is a huge factor to be considered. All Civil Registrar-approved marriages must be solemnized within six months. 

If you’re having a Catholic wedding or a wedding in another faith recognized by the state, give the document issued by the registrar to the parish priest or minister. You will need to have a certificate of your legal capacity to marry translated into Portuguese if your country issues such a document.

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