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Spring in Portugal: 10 things to do and visit

Spring – flowers bloom, days get longer, birds chirp louder. The world is brighter and lovelier and our desire to go outside grows. Portugal is known for its great weather and there’s definitely no better time to witness it than the Spring months! Take a look at these 10 Spring things we’ve chosen for you.

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Spring in Portugal: What to do and visit

Cherry Blossoms, Resende

During March and April, the city of Resende (in the Douro region) promotes guided visits through the cherry blossoms located all over the city. This time of year the Douro river hillsides get covered in a marvellous white coating provided by the cherry tree flowers!

Even if there’s no guided visit, you can go to this beautiful region and check the landscape out for yourself. A cruise across the Douro is also an amazing idea!

spring portugal
‘Passadiços do Paiva’, Arouca

A 8km long trail through nature, where you’ll be able to pass through wild waters, waterfalls, river beaches and even a suspension bridge (securely, obviously). The beautiful scenery full of unique plants and quartz crystal amalgamations will be sure to make your trip all worth it.


A very popular destination but never overrated. Spring is definitely the best time to visit Sintra, since it’s not too hot and there are less visitors. There are many attractions here: ‘Palácio da Pena’, ‘Castelo dos Mouros’ and ‘Quinta da Regaleira’ are the most popular. All of them take a while to visit so, if you only have one day, we recommend you choose just one – ‘Quinta da Regaleira’ is definitely the prettiest around Spring. It’s a hard climb but you should try to visit the area entirely on foot – it’s worth it! After coming down, you can have a ‘Travesseiro de Sintra’ as a treat – Piriquita is the best place to have it. 

Broom flowering, Serra do Açor

Serra do Açor is home to some of the most picturesque schist communities in Portugal, with Piódo being the most well-known. You should go through the mountain’s twisting roads, pause at ‘Mata da Margaraça’ and ‘Fraga da Pena’, before seeing the “nativity scene-village”.

You will eventually come to a spot on the route where you will enjoy a stunning view of Piódo, which is tainted yellow at this time of year by the broom. With the approach of spring, the entire bucolic landscape of the area takes on new hues. Remember to pass by Foz d’Égua as well!

serra acor

Óbidos is a mediaeval town that looks straight out of a fairytale! During Spring, the streets get filled with flowers and the pleasant weather invites you to Óbidos Lake, where you can take a boat ride and walk around while being surrounded by nature. Óbidos is also known for its chocolate delicacies and sweet liquor, so definitely make sure to try those while you’re there!

Funchal, Madeira

A perfect mix between nature, city, adventure and rest. Funchal is the capital of Madeira and a well-known and much appreciated tourist spot. It never gets too cold, nor too hot, making it ideal for walks. It can get a bit crowded during this time because of the Flower Festival (27th of April – 21st May), but it’s definitely worth it, especially for flora enthusiasts.

spring portugal

Much like Óbidos, Trancoso is a historic, mediaeval town that still preserves its original wall, stone houses and narrow streets adorned by many flowers, especially peonies. So definitely a village to get to know on foot.

spring portugal
Primavera Sound, Porto

A popular music festival that happens in the beginning of June. It’s hosted in ‘Parque da Cidade’, located right next to the sea, hence providing perfect festival weather and ambiance – not too hot, not too cold and almost entirely on grass, surrounded by nature. If you’re a music fan, Primavera is definitely for you! 

spring portugal

The biggest dam in Portugal and also the largest artificial lake in Europe. It’s almost entirely surrounded by nature, making it perfect for relaxing, exercising, boat riding and swimming.

spring portugal
Gulbenkian Gardens, Lisbon

At the Gulbenkian Garden, which surrounds all of the Gulbenkian Foundation buildings, visitors may stroll amid the trees and plants, watch an open-air concert for free, or simply unwind by the lake while observing the birds on the water’s edge. It’s open every day until sunset and it’s very popular amongst locals for picnics and dates, especially on the weekend. Be aware of the ducks stealing your food, though!

spring portugal

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