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How to Set Up Electricity in Portugal

If you’re intending to move to Portugal, one of the most important things to consider is power. While it may appear difficult, installing electricity in Portugal is a simple operation that can be accomplished fast. Bear in mind that it is indeed fast, but for Portuguese standards. This article will walk you through the procedures required to set up electricity in Portugal, from selecting suppliers to obtaining the necessary documentation.

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Seeking Electricity Providers in Portugal

The first step in establishing electricity in Portugal is to locate a provider. There are various suppliers to select from, so do your homework to pick the ideal one for your requirements. EDP, Iberdrola, and Endesa are among the most well-known providers.

These providers can be found online or by visiting their offices in person. If you don’t speak Portuguese, bring someone who does, because not all suppliers may have English-speaking employees, but if there is no other option for you, it is not the end of the world as portuguese people are known for their good level of english or at least their capability to help you no matter the language barrier.

Selecting a Tariff

When you’ve decided on a supplier, the following step is to select a rate. There are a variety of tariffs available, so it’s worth your time to investigate your alternatives to discover the best one for you. We have the Fixed Tariff vs Variable Tariff, as well as the Social Tariff, these being three of the most common tariffs.

Because the cost is fixed for a defined term, the Fixed Tariff is a popular option for consumers who want to know precisely how much they’ll be paying each month. The Variable Tariff, on the other hand, may vary depending on the energy market, but it may be less expensive in the long term.

The Social Tariff is intended to assist low-income families, and you may be eligible if you receive specific benefits. Check with your service provider to determine whether you are eligible.

how to set up electricity in portugal

What documents do I need to set up electricity in Portugal?

Many paperwork is required to set up electricity in Portugal. They might include:

  • A valid piece of identification, such as a passport or identity card
  • Proof of residency, such as a rental agreement or a utility bill in your name
  • Your Portuguese tax number (NIF)
  • If you’re renting a home, you may also be required to present a copy of your rental contract or a letter from your landlord authorizing the installation of power in your name.
Setting up Installation

When you’ve selected a provider, tariff and submitted the necessary documentation, the following step is to schedule installation. Your service provider will send a technician to install the essential equipment, such as the meter and circuit breaker.

The installation procedure often takes a few hours, during which you must be present. When the installation is finished, the technician will provide you with a paper confirming that the installation was done and that you are now connected to the power network.

Payment of Electricity Bills

Lastly, you must pay your power bills. Bills are normally sent monthly or biweekly in Portugal, and they can be paid online, through direct debit, or at a post office. You’ll get a bill outlining how much you owe, including any taxes and fees.

It’s worth mentioning that if you don’t pay your payments on time, your supplier may disconnect your power. If this occurs, you must contact your provider to arrange for reconnecting, and you may be charged a reconnection fee.

To summarize, installing electricity in Portugal is an operation that may be finished fast if everything goes smoothly. By following these procedures, you may guarantee that you are connected to the power grid and that your payments are paid on time. If you have any questions or issues, please contact your service providers and they will be happy to help.

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