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Porto Nightlife: Where to drink and dance

Porto is the second biggest city in Portugal, so an amazing nightlife is basically granted. Especially when you’re young, experiencing a city after dark is definitely an important part of your visit or stay. This guide will take you through all the best bars, clubs and ‘Movida’ areas in Porto!

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What’s the nightlife like in Porto?

Everyone can find something to enjoy in Porto‘s nightlife, which includes everything from quaint pubs to hip clubs, hidden bars and particular Movida streets and areas. In Portugal, the so-called ‘pre-game’ starts at around 11pm, going to 1-2am – after which people either go to a dance club or stay at a Movida area. If you’re someone who just likes to drink a little cocktail and go home, there are also many bars on the more sophisticated side! Truly something for everyone.

Popular areas for nightlife in Porto

Galerias de Paris
nightlife porto

One of the most popular areas for nightlife in Porto is Galerias de Paris, located in the historic centre of the city. It consists of two parallel streets that are filled with a wide selection of bars, restaurants and clubs, many of which offer outdoor seating. Some of the most popular places here are Plano B (which also has live music), More Club, RendezVous Bar and Café Au Lait. 

porto nightlife
77 Bar

Bars are the most common around the Cedofeita area, especially in streets like ‘Travessa de Cedofeita’ and ‘Rua dos Mártires da Liberdade’. If you prefer something more polished, Candelabro, Aduela and Museu D’Avó are your best options. Taskinha, Arco ao Meio and 77 are the most common if you’re just looking to pre-game or hang out on the street drink-in-hand with your friends. Praça Coronel Pacheco is also a square in the area where people usually gather after the bars close.

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This area is mostly filled with restaurants; however, a lot of people stay here throughout the night just drinking and dancing on the street.

porto nightlife

Also a big Movida zone. There are many bars and restaurants here but the most common thing to do is get a drink and go outside to talk and dance to music which someone random is always putting on a JBL speaker. This is also where most tourists go since it’s very central and visible. The most popular places here are Adega Leonor and Piolho.

porto nightlife

Also mostly composed of restaurants and very touristic. There are interesting little bars and a DJ under the bridge during the weekend, though, and many older people gather there to dance. So if you’re having dinner in Ribeira, definitely check it out!

The best dance clubs in Porto

There’s something for every club enjoyer in Porto. Maus Hábitos is a popular restaurant-bar-disco that’s known for its alternative atmosphere, hosting many different types of parties on the weekends and cozy concerts and poetry sessions on the weekdays. 

Some other more alternative places in Porto are Passos Manuel and Pérola Negra – although more centred around techno music.

Some more standard nightclubs in Porto are, for example, Bôite (located right next to Maus Hábitos and Passos Manuel), MoreClub (in Galerias de Paris), Lust and Zoom, which is the most popular LGBT club in the city. The music styles in these places mostly center around brazilian funk, pop and hip-hop, although it obviously varies from DJ to DJ.

After work drinks in Porto

If you prefer spending the night at home, there are also many possibilities of activities before dinner. Places mentioned before, such as Aduela and Candelabro, are also open and very popular in the afternoon. The cafés around Poveiros get packed during this time as well.

BASE, right in front of Livraria Lello, is a prominent sunset spot, although a bit expensive and posh. Jardim das Virtudes and Jardim do Morro, in Gaia, are the most adored by locals. 

porto nightlife
Jardim do Morro

Live music in Porto

One thing that sets Porto’s nightlife apart from other cities is the city’s love of live music. Throughout the city, you will find a selection of music venues that offer a mix of traditional and modern music styles. Casa da Música is one of the most famous venues in the city, known for its modern architecture and impressive acoustics. The venue offers a wide range of musical performances, from classical to contemporary, and it’s a must-visit for music lovers. 

Another popular venue for live music is the Coliseu do Porto, a historic theater that has been transformed into a music venue. The theater offers a wide range of performances, from rock concerts to comedy shows, and it’s a great place to experience the city’s rich cultural heritage.

In summary, Porto’s nightlife scene is a diverse and exciting mix of traditional and modern, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed drink with a view or a night of dancing and live music, Porto has something for everyone.

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