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Peso da Régua – Douro’s best

Wine lovers paradise in Peso de Régua

Imagine owning a property in one of the most prestigious winemaking areas in Portugal.

Surrounded by the Douro hills, it’s located right by the river of the same name. It stands 25 minutes away from the city of Vila Real, allowing small trips if you wish.

Peso da Régua is one of those areas since UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage Site. This recognition was given due to its unique geographical characteristics.

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3 main attractions of this wonderland

Wine is one of the main attractions around these parts, going as far as having a museum dedicated to its history, Museu do Douro. The region is so vast and rich in soil, that winemaking businesses thrive here. There are multiple estates focused on creating the greatest wines, some closer to Douro river, others on the highest points of the valley.

The bigger estates can even descent for the highest point of its valley, right down until the river line. That’s how much wine is an investment here.


The landscapes and the driving experience through those grounds are another. Douro is known for having the best roads, with extraordinary curves that allow to see up close the countryside of the North of Portugal.

If you are considering moving or taking vacations here, the N-222 leg of road between Peso da Régua and Pinhão is going on your travel plan. This is a 25km drivers dream with breathtaking views, so if you love driving, you are sure to have a great trip from the beginning.

Diversity of Ativities

Peso da Régua has many viewpoints that won’t let you down. Depending on your preference, you can get as close or the farthest away form the river.

If you like long walks by the river, there is Ecopista Ribeirinha, a pathway where you can take a daily stroll or go cycling . You can enjoy taking on of many river cruises up and down the Douro, very popular in the region.  

On a more adventurous note, there is an extensive variety of water sports available. From canoeing to rafting either in calm or rapid waters, there’s something for everyone’s taste. 

Winery in Peso da Régua
Peso da Régua is part of the Caminho Português Interior de Santiago de Compostela. 

Yet another side of this town. A popular 205km trail with religious inspiration, having pilgrims pass right through Régua. Therefore, the yellow and blue arrows pointing the way all over town.

However, the religious side of the town doesn’t wear out here.

Years ago, Douro River was known as a rough watercourse to cross. At the time, chapels were built, boats named after saints for protection. Ever since, locals celebrate Nossa Senhora do Socorro anually, mid-August. 

Immerse yourself in Portuguese culture

By choosing Peso da Régua for a long stay, you can get to know the intricate costumes of our country. You can choose a wine-focused tourist rental or even a personal home!

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