Paredes de Coura

Paredes de Coura: the retreat you are looking for

Paredes de Coura is heaven on earth, if you are looking forward to zone out of the everyday lifestyle.

It’s located in the North of Portugal. Hidden away between a sea of the green landscapes. If you want to be closer to big cities, Braga is 1h away. If you want to immersed in nature, the Peneda Gerês National Park is less than 2h away. 

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The best of both worlds

The city’s fast pace hasn’t reached Paredes de Coura, which invites you to relax and unwind from your daily life. The people are very welcoming, so everywhere you go the locals will greet you.

However, the village hosts the well known annual summer festival Vodafone Paredes de Coura. This brings a lot of movement and youth to the village. Seen has music’s natural habitat, every year the village gets electrified with alternative music and festival-goers. 

The festival takes place by the fluvial beach of Taboão, which is why people call it Couraíso (Coura + paraíso, paradise in Portuguese). These days are the busiest days of the year for local businesses, increasing its profit margin by a lot.

But don’t worry, the turmoil only lasts for about a week.

What you need to know the most?

Paredes de Coura offers you authentic Portuguese food. Depending on your mood and the season, you are sure to experience rainier weather during the winter, hence the wide beautiful vivid green landscape and, much warmer and drier temperatures during the summer.

The local architecture is quite typical of this region of the country. The main features are the stony rustic houses and espigueiros (old grain storages) which are scattered around the area. If this kind of place is your idea of retreat, perhaps you can already see yourself enjoying gardening or picking fruit directly from the tree. 

To describe the village as it is, bucolic sounds good.

We would recommend the village for a holiday zen home, rural tourist rental or to resettle during retirement. Whatever it is that you have in mind, we are sure Paredes de Coura will fulfill your needs.

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