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Nazaré: The village of waves

Half-moon shaped village by the sea

In the West region of Portugal and righ by the sea, Nazaré is a coastal paradise with a quiet essence. It’s also a world renown surf spot where some of the great waves were found, mainly Garret McNamara 100 foot wave.

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A traditional fishing village

Nazaré is one of the greatest and oldest fishing villages in Portugal, where colourful fishing traditions and fishmongers who still wear the traditional seven skirts, are very common.

Given the fishing traditions, brightly-coloured boats and fish stalls are seen all over the white sandy beaches, it’s safe to say that the fishing commerce is very much alive in Nazaré.


Best sea sightseeing and surf spots

Being a coastal city does enable Nazaré to be one of the best places in the Portuguese coast. Between the wide sandy beaches, the great waves and mild climate, it’s an attractive spot to vacation or retire in. 

Besides the beautiful views and beaches, Nazaré is home to at least two great spots, Sítio da Nazaré and Nazaré Canyon. 

Sítio da Nazaré, a place with one of the most famous views in the Portuguese coast, at a height of 318 metre of solid with a sheer drop to the sea. To reach the top, you can go by foot or by using the funicular.

Nazaré Canyon tends to be THE most sought after spot,  due to the giant waves that appear around the area. A rock solid canyon in the middle of the sea, it results of a submarine geomorphological phenomenon. It’s the largest underwater canyon in Europe with a maximum depth that reaches 5000m.


Because of these amazing giant waves, Nazaré attract surf enthusiasts and professional surfers from all over the world. And not just surf pros but surf legends like Garret McNamara.

As a pro he has surfer some of the biggest waves in the world, won several championships and explored more beaches and seas in one lifetime, than most dream to do. One of his biggest accomplishments, was right here in Portugal’s Nazaré, with him surfing the 100 foot wave. 

This adventure has been made into a documentary / nonfiction series and nominated for two Emmy’s. And our small coastal city played it’s amazing part, so it’s more than worthy the visit or the move there.

Enjoy the picturesque mood and gorgeous sea views

If you love the sea and living by sea, this is the place to settle down in. If you don’t live by the sea, but sure wished you did, this is the spot to start. And finally, investment wise, if you really want to make some profit, Nazaré has become one of the most sought after and rentable places in Portugal.

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