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Foz D’Égua: a Schist Wonder

A village of movies and books

Right at the center of Portugal, near Serra do Açor and within Coimbra district, we find Foz da Égua. An incredible schist village with such unique features, that it is called Portuguese Indiana Jones village or Portuguese Shire.

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Indiana Jones Village

Very close to other villages such as Chãs d’Égua and Piodão, Foz de Égua is nature wonder waiting to be explored. It has extremely unique features that make it such a distinctive village.

Quite idyllic and unique, Foz de Égua is set out in terraces and crossed by a significant water source, having the two sides of the village connected by two main bridges. The double stone bridge, of which pass underneath two different stream that end up converging into one.

These streams come from another two villages in the region, Piódão and Chã d’Égua. After passing underneath their respective bridge, they converge into one stream only, which is way this bridge represents a union of sorts.

The second main bridge is the renown Indiana Jones styled wooden suspension bridge. Because of its features and adventurous look, it attracts lot of tourist and nature adventurers. 

As every Indiana move had its risks, so does this bridge given its precarious construction, so it’s not crossable due to safety reasons. But it’s still a great attraction, because of the amazing views and the great photos you can take of the village and landscape from that point.

Foz da Égua
 Portuguese version of Tolkien’s Shire

The village of Foz da Égua is completely immersed in the surrounding nature. Being organised per descending terraces until the fluvial beach, where each terrace holds a very few houses, makes Foz da Égua look like a fairy tale village.

The village is filled with small houses made of dark schist and slate, immersed in the greenery of the countryside, with trees and plants peeking around all sides of each house. This enchanted image as made Foz da Égua worthy of comparison to Tolkien‘s amazing imagined houses of the Lord of the Rings Shire’s

This happens so much, that Foz da Égua has been called the Hobbit village.


To complete the schist and slate look of the whole village, you can find a schist altar at the top of the village. Completely built with schist, the small altar represents the nativity scene at the top of the village.

Water delights

Right in the middle of one of Portugal’s protected areas, from a geological formation crossed by the Barroca de Degraínhos, result successive waterfalls. One of them is located in Serra do Açor, a beautiful 19 meters high waterfall called Fraga de Pena

Fraga da Pena is located in Mata da Margaraça, at the extreme of Serra do Açor protected land.

Delicias del Agua - Foz da Agua - Pearls of Portugal

On the other hand, within Foz da Égua village, you can count on the renown riverside village of its namesake. At same point in time, a dam was built, which resulted in the natural appearance of a gorgeous natural pool with crystal clear waters. That is today called the Foz da Égua riverside beach.

One can easily access the beach freely at the end of a series of hiking routes and nature trails. The accesses to the river beach are through steep schist steps but otherwise, the pool surrounding floor is quite flat.

Foz da Égua
Whether in summer or winter

No matter the kind of thrill you are looking for, when visiting or moving to Portugal, Foz da Égua is a mythical fairy tale village that must be included in your travel plans.

And the great thing about the unique village is that it’s equally attractive in every season of the year!

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