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Ericeira: surfer’s paradise

Traditional village by the sea

The traditional fishing village, Ericeira became a centre of attention over the years. As a summer vacation spot and as a surfer’s paradise, given its proximity to the sea and enchanting vibe.

Frederik Pohl
Frederik Pohl, CEO
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Historical fishing village

Ericeira is indeed the spot image of a fishing village. Historically, it dates back until the 12th century. Right by the sea, it was a docking point for sea commerce routes. It was also very sought after for its moderate and comfortable climate.

Located about 50 kms from Lisbon, in an easily accessible area, the beaches are very popular during the summer and considered to be some of the best in Europe to surf. In particular, Ribeira d`Ilhas beach deserves a special mention, where the World Surfing Championship takes place annually.

A walk through Ericeira is also a great way to decompress and get the feeling of the charming seaside life.


The small fishing village has a premium location with a full coastline turned to the sea. It’s a very picturesque village with its traditional architecture and color palette of white and blue, commonly seen in seaside and fishing locations. 

The whole village is painted in white and blue, from the town centre to the cobbled streets and the small fishermen’s cottages. 

Ericeira remains an unexplored, charming village on Portugal’s seashore. This allows anyone who visits, the opportunity to enjoy a calm and delightful destination without the burden of mass tourism.

First World Surfing Reserve in Europe

Ericeira is a worldwide renowned surfing spot, being host to some of the greatest surfing tournaments in the world. It’s also the first world surfing reserve in Europe, the second to be named as such in the world.

A surf reserve is a program created by Australian surfer Brad Farmer, plus Andrew Sort and the Save the Waves Coalition. The programme works as a measure of protection of waves, surfing areas and surrounding environments. The first world surf reserve was Malibu Surfrider Beach in 2010 and right after, Ericeira in 2011. 

Why choose Ericeira as a world surfing reserve? No one said it better than the coalition Save the Waves: 

Ericeira coastline is defined by rocky cliffs punctuated with beautiful little bays and secluded beaches. The diversity of waves in the area, along with their various degrees of difficulty, offer consistent opportunities for all levels of surfers, from beginners to professionals. Ericeira is also home to numerous surf schools, in addition to regional and international surf competitions. A vibrant marine ecosystem, an established yet burgeoning surf culture and a community centred around ocean pursuit and enjoyment are the perfect setting for successful management of coastal resources.

Ericeira’s World Surfing Reserve counts with 7 world class 4km of waves: Pedra Branca, Reef, Ribeira d’Ilhas, Cave, Crazy Left, Coxos and São Lourenço. 

Why is Ericeira a great destination for your vacation or for a long stay?

Ericeira is a small village with a lot to offer. You have culture everywhere and if in the mood for a short drive, you are very close to two UNESCO World Heritage towns, Sintra and Mafra. You are also close to our country’s capital of Lisbon, with all the buzz of a big city and the airport, if you need to travel a lot. 

Within the gastronomical variety found around the village, there is always the traditional seafood by the coast. With its own harbor, Ericeira is a fish lovers’ dream, with fresh fish coming into the restaurants at all times. 

For commerce, you get the artisanal shops and traditional costume studios. If you want something specific, you can drive quickly to Lisbon or Cascais shopping. For nightlife, you can enjoy the vibe and advantage of the small city nightclub Ouriço.  From a variety of water sports to walks, you can enjoy a quiet country seaside life.

All in all, you get to do everything you could at any other place, with the bonus of a much less fast-paced daily routine. 

If that’s something you wish for, get in touch with us!


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