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10 Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Portugal

Based on 2022 sales, a Portuguese real estate platform released the list of cheapest places to buy property in Portugal. Unsurprisingly, most of them are in the interior of Portugal. These towns are especially perfect for people looking for a a simpler and calmer way of living, like retirees. They are also sure to provide you with a very authentic Portuguese experience. 

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10 Cheapest places to buy property in Portugal

Nisa, Portalegre

Nisa is a municipality located in Portalegre, in the Alentejo region of Portugal. With a small population of just 3,300 people, it is greatly known for its peaceful spirit. Some traditional elements of the town are the cheeses, pottery and embroidery. Due to its rustic nature, the nature scenery is also mesmerising – providing people with beautiful hiking trails. It is also very close to Spain, so you can make a quick trip there any time you want.

Penamacor, Castelo Branco
cheapest regions portugal

Penamacor is located right in the interior of Portugal, in the Castelo Branco district. The town is quite remote and old-fashioned, with its main industry being agriculture. It suffered – and continues to suffer – greatly from rural flight (“êxodo rural”) so investment in this area would definitely benefit it to a great extent. Plus, it’s perfect if you’re looking for true peace and quiet. 

Góis, Coimbra
cheapest regions portugal gois

Between the river and the mountain stands Góis. The area is known mainly for its impressive landscape setting, dominated by tall mountains, coated in beautiful flora. Down the highlands, you’ll find many purified water river beaches that provide you with irresistible baths. Although peaceful, this area is full of activities and rich in history, gastronomy and tradition. 

Fronteira, Portalegre
cheapest regions portugal portalegre

A beautiful typical Alentejo village. Fronteira is rich in history and tradition, holding many monuments and historical sites that date back centuries. The town is also endowed with prodigal nature and vegetation, offering beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities. 

Penacova, Coimbra
cheapest regions portugal penacova

This is a land of rivers, viewpoints, windmills and pure air. Much like Góis, Penacova is known for its lipid water river beaches – that invite you for fresh baths and water activities. If you’re an archeology enthusiast, you’ll also love the silurian quartzite constructions through the town.

Sabugal, Guarda

Sabugal is quite similar to its neighbour-hooding municipality of Penamacor. It’s predominantly rural, with agriculture and livestock being its many industries. Everything here derives from the land’s connection to the earth, with the production of handmade linen and brace basketry being beautiful examples of this. Sabugal is also home to well known hot springs – “Termas do Cró”. 

Crato, Portalegre
cheapest regions portugal crato

A charming, roman town in Alentejo. Crato is known for its beautiful architecture, history and amazing weather. It is home to various hot springs, monuments and great restaurants. The Alentejo cuisine is one of the most renowned in the country, you’ll never get tired of drinking the various wines and the tasty, peculiar foods, such as “Barrigas de Freira” and “teculameca”. 

Nelas, Viseu
Nelas viseu

Located in the region of the river “Dão”, Nelas is surrounded by green landscapes adorned by pine forests, vineyards and gardens that hold the greatness of the admired Portuguese “azulejos” (tiles). This area is also known for its exquisite wines and rich traditions such as “Carnaval de Nelas” and “Canas de Senhorim”.

Arganil, Coimbra
arganil coimbra Portugal

Imposing landscapes, centuries-old villages and nature reserves, no one is indifferent to the beauty of Arganil. With natural pools and enchanting fluvial beaches, its backdrop is a diverse and predominantly schistose forest area, adorned by a flora of oaks, chestnuts and arbutus trees. Arganil is also home to remarkable religious architecture, scattered all through the municipality.

Penela, Coimbra
Penela Portugal

Much like Arganil, Penela is known for its scenery, fluvial beaches and amazing set of churches and convents. When it comes to gastronomy, you can delight yourself with “Queijo da Serra” cheese, the region’s honey, “chanfana” (goat) and “argolas de Penela” as dessert. All accompanied by the regional wine Terras do Sicó.  

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