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Amarante: northern jewel

Amarante, Portugal: a northern jewel

Located in Serra do Marão by the Tâmega river, Amarante is very close to Porto and Guimarães, in the north of Portugal. If you are considering moving to the countryside, here’s what you need to know.

You just need to be sure of what drives you exactly. 

In Amarante, you can be close to nature and in a quiet place, yet still find what big cities offer you. Whether you’re considering a tourist rental or a home for yourself, this village is the right choice for both.

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A hidden pearl in the countryside

The village certainly meets the needs of most ancient history lovers.

It played a major part against the French during the French Invasions, whhen confrontations against the francophone army took place at the iconic D. Gonçalo bridge. It’s also part of the Romanesque Route around the Tâmega river, with plenty of interesting sights and museums for you to discover.

History is written in its structures. The palace where once the Portuguese and English army were stationed during the Invasions, now houses Hotel Casa da Calçada Relais & Chateaux. The hotel’s renown restaurant  Lago do Paço has a Michelin star. 

Though a Michelin star restaurant probably isn’t why you seek the peaceful mood of this village, it’s something to look forward to.

Ponte s. Gonçalo em Amarante
Roads of time in Amarante, Portugal

Adding to monuments, you have the old railway.

It has been transformed into a 40km bicycle path connecting Amarante to Arco de Baúlhe. This unique route allows you to soak in the fresh air of the valley. Either by cycling or walking, the route is quite easy. It’s mostly flat and the pavement is in great condition.

Along the way, you can find several historic points that add to its beauty. From old bridges to tunnels, to old train stations.

The joys of the city in a village

Golf is a very popular activity in the area. Amarante has a unique Golf Course located 600m above sea level, facing the river. After your match, you can relax, enjoy a meal or a drink at the Lounge Restaurant.

If you have children, Amarante has quite the surprise for you. They can take classes at the Golf Course and enjoy the thrilling attractions of Amarante’s waterpark. All these guarantee a fun family day. 

Know for fresh green wine and traditional sweets, the region offers you the perfect ending to any day. So, wether you rent a home or buy a vacation home in Amarante, you get to enjoy days full of leisure activities and a true Portuguese experience. 

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