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3 Reasons to invest in Braga

Braga: lot of history and a bright future

In the Minho province, there’s an ever-growing metropole filled with beautiful sights, culture and passion.

Young, dynamic, Braga is host to all kinds of exhibitions. This gained the status of Youth Capital for the city. 

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3 Reasons to invest in Braga
Future of innovation: 7th European city of the future

Unique thinking when it comes to the future! The mindset of the city is deeply connected with innovation, sustainability and technology.

Investors and entrepreneurs are attracted to the idea of constant renewal and development. Since 2013, Braga put in motion an investment plan to improve the city’s dynamic. Now, it’s a hub for many start-ups and renowned companies of different industries.

Between amazing professionals from Minho University (second-best in Portugal) and the right investors, innovation and forward-thinking have brought Braga to where it stands.

5th European city regarding Quality of life satisfaction

Braga is considered Portugal’s third biggest and happiest city. But why? Due to an increase in investment, in companies moving their headquarters here, in the creation of new companies and employment. Innovation was also great stimulus for better quality of life in the city. And sustainability, since Braga is one in a network of cities with zero CO2 emissions. 

For a better future, the city invested in sustainable transportation options and solar panels spread across the city. This mindset helped boost a fuller and healthier lifestyle for everyone who resides or moves to Braga.


On the basis of entertainment, the city does not disappoint. There’s a huge offer of galleries, museums and theatres. And a variety of  events and exhibitions taking place at all times.

Real Estate Dream

The city’s real estate market is huge, with increasing demand and a rise property prices every year. A sustainable lifestyle and price-quality ratio do wonders for the real estate market.

Braga is 3rd place in Portugal’s real estate investment rank. More companies and professionals translate in a bigger search for accomodation, which impacts the amount of taxes paid.

To find the best deal possible, Pearls of Portugal offers an all-around service. We provide everything. We find the best real estate at the best price, negotiate the price and help you with legal processes.

What about History 

Braga has big roots. The city has 2000 years of History which started in Ancient Rome. Through famous historical conflicts and the emergence of cultural movements, Braga stood firm through the test of time. 

The most important monument is Santuário de Bom Jesus do Monte. The sanctuary was recognized as Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

You also have Jardins de Santa Bárbara. Famous grounds surrounded by an old wall that makes you recall a castle. The gardens are refuge for people to meditate or exercise. 

Jardins de Santa Bárbara, Braga

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