All about living in Portugal

Although small, Portugal has a great variety of cities, climates and cultures. Around 700,000 expats have chosen to live here, with more people every year being drawn in by the meandering blue of the Atlantic coast. Regardless if you want more of a city life Lisbon experience, or the quietness of a smaller town like Aljezur, Portugal is certain to provide you with just the experience you’re looking for.


christmas in portugal

Christmas in Portugal as a Foreigner

Christmas in Portugal is rather family-centred and traditional. Come find out how to have the best Christmas in Portugal as a foreigner.

halloween portugal

Halloween in Portugal: Is it Celebrated?

Are you looking to know how Halloween is celebrated in Portugal? Pearls of Portugal tells you all about it, plus recommendations!

national holidays in portugal

National Holidays in Portugal: All The Important Dates

After moving, you should definitely get informed about the national holidays in Portugal so as to better plan your life around them!

health insurance portugal

Health Insurance in Portugal: Explained

Health insurance should definitely be on your mind when moving. We tell you all about health insurance in Portugal in this article!

dating in portugal

The Art of Love: Dating in Portugal

Are you moving to Portugal and wondering about the dating scene in the country? In this article we tell you all about dating in Portugal!

tipping in portugal

Tipping in Portugal: Yes or No?

Tipping in Portugal: when, where, how, how much. In this article Pearls of Portugal tells you all about it!

safety portugal

How Safe is Portugal?

How safe is Portugal? We tell you all about safety in Portugal, plus tips and advice on how to protect yourself

banks portugal

Banks in Portugal: Managing Your Finances

Learn about Portugal’s major banks, the process of opening accounts and managing finances. Get in touch for expert consultation.

santos populares portugal são joão

Santos Populares Festivals in Portugal

Santos Populares are traditional street festivals in Portugal celebrating three saints: St. John, St. Anthony and St. Peter.

music festivals portugal

All About Music Festivals in Portugal

Summer means music festivals! There are many spread all over Portugal and in this article we give you information on all of them.

cost of living in portugal

Cost of Living in Portugal

The cost of living in Portugal is definitely something that’ll come up when thinking of moving to the country. We tell you all about it

top apps portugal

Top Apps that will Make Your Life Easier in Portugal

Learn how to better navigate life in Portugal with these top must-have apps that are sure to make your life easier

25th april portugal

April 25th in Portugal

The 25th of April 1974 in Portugal is one of the country’s most important holidays, known as the Carnation Revolution.

internet portugal

Internet as a Tool for Immigrant Integration in Portugal

The Internet can be an amazing tool when wanting to get integrated in a new country, such as Portugal! We tell you all about it

easter in portugal

All About Easter in Portugal

Easter is well loved and celebrated in Portugal, with many traditions that have begun centuries ago! Find out everything here

set up electricity portugal

How to Set Up Electricity in Portugal

After buying or renting a house in Portugal, setting up your electricity is a key factor. Read our thorough guide on the matter

vegetarian vegan food portugal

Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Portugal

Even though Portugal is known for its meaty food, nowadays there are many vegetarian and vegan alternatives all over the country!

streaming services in portugal

Streaming Services in Portugal

Streaming services differ from country to country! But worry not, with this guide you’ll know where to find your favorites in Portugal

set up utilities portugal

Setting up utilities in Portugal – Guide

After buying a property in Portugal, setting up utilities is essential. Here’s a complete guide on the process

learning portuguese

5 Helpful Tips For Learning Portuguese In No Time

When coming to Portugal, learning Portuguese is definitely helpful. Here are five tips that can make it easier for you

education system portugal

Complete Guide on the Education System in Portugal

Bringing kids to Portugal? Coming to the country to study? Here’s a guide on the Portuguese Education System

sports portugal

What You Need to Know About Sports in Portugal

Sports culture is very prominent in Portugal. In this article we dive into the most popular sports and how this plays out in society.

portugal surf paradise

Portugal: a Surf Paradise

Portugal is greatly known for surf practice, due to its amazing beaches and waves. Find out more about this surf paradise in the article.

Gay couple

Life in Portugal as a LGBT person

LGBT culture is prevalent and has been consistently more celebrated in Portugal throughout the years. Come and find more!

marrying portuguese

Ten Things To Know When Marrying Someone Portuguese

You Should Know the Following Ten Things When Marrying Someone Living in Portugal Marriage is a beautiful thing. It is …


8 Things Expats Do Not Like About Portugal

Things Expats Don’t Like About Portugal Expats not from EU/EEA/Swiss can obtain Portuguese residency with the D7 visa if they …

health care

Everything About the Portuguese Health Care System

The Portuguese healthcare system is one of the most advanced and accessible in the world.


Cryptocurrency in Portugal

Overview of the Cryptocurrency Landscape in Portugal Acknowledging the unprecedented potential of cryptocurrencies, Portugal emerges as one of the most …

Reasons to Found Your Startup in Portugal

Portugal is one the most popular location for startups


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