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Pearls of Portugal – Join our Client Area

Moving to and investing in Portugal can be complicated and many things have to be handled at the same time. Based on our long experience in the market, we have developed a unique client area that is tailor made to the needs of clients that want to buy, rent, renovate, build, or apply for a Visa in Portugal!

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Advantages of the Pearls of Portugal Client Area

All the information and documents are in one place – there is no need to save them in a different place or search in your email correspondence for them;

Great overview and control over the entire process – all the necessary steps and tasks can be managed through the client area after you join;

Permanent access to all the information – You can manage the process, information, and documents from anywhere, on any device (phone, computer, tablet);

Collaborate with experts and exchange information – All information and documents can be exchanged with involved parties like realtors or lawyers and received through your client area;

No costs for our clients – There’s no extra cost for the platform – it is included in all of our service packages!

What can you manage through our client area?

  • Preferences
  • Property search, for purchase or rent
  • Viewings of the properties – including dates and addresses
  • Property selection
  • Renovation projects
  • Visa applications for yourself and others
  • Utilities set up
  • Credit and insurance
  • Personal Information
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Every Step of Your Journey in One Place

1. Dashboard

Right after you log in, you can see an overview of your process, a calendar with important dates and various types of relevant information regarding your situation.

Dashboard - Client Area
Dashboard - Client Area

2. Service Progress

Here you can select your property preferences – type, region, location, number of bedrooms, budget and any key element that’s relevant to you. The team assigned to you will then search for properties which fall within your preferences.

Service Progress - Client Area
Service Progress - Client Area

3. Selected properties

The properties selected by your personal agents will then show up under “Search Properties”. You can then select your favorites for the team to arrange visits. 

Selected Properties - Client Area
Selected Properties - Client Area

4. Acquisition

After you’ve found your dream home, obviously a lot of documents are needed to complete the purchase. Under “Acquisition” you can submit all the necessary documentation, plus check out all the information on your soon-to-be home.

Acquisition - Client Area
Acquisition - Client Area

5. After-Sales & Visa Services

After you have acquired your property, you can still use the Client Area to request after-sales services or help from us – such as utility contracts and insurances.

If you have also opted for our Carefree Visa Program, you can check the status of your application under “Visa Services“.

Visa Services - Client Area
Visa Services - Client Area
Frederik Pohl
Frederik Pohl, CEO
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