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About Pearls of Portugal

Moving to Portugal is, in most cases, not a mere financial transaction. It is a dream that comes true, a new phase in life, a second home, a retreat for the family, and much more. Our mission is to make the steps towards this goal as transparent, risk-free, and effective as possible.

Pearls of Portugal focuses on four key fields for anyone looking to move to Portugal: services that cover every single step of the way, real estate offers, an Expat Guide and a blog that’s updated weekly and full of information regarding Portugal.  


My name is Frederik Pohl and I fell in love with Portugal almost two decades ago. After many years of working in management consultancy – including a senior position in the OTTO group -, in 2017, I decided to build Pearls of Portugal from the ground up. The wish to open up a company like Pearls arose in 2010, when I purchased my first home in Portugal and the excessive bureaucracy took me by (bad) surprise.

Pearls was born out of my passion for Portugal and my will to make this experience easier for others.

Frederik Pohl
Casa do caminho

We support the local community

At Pearls of Portugal, we are also aware of our social responsibility in Portugal, especially to our city in which our office is located – Porto. We donate 100 EUR per client to the social institution “Casa do Caminho”, which looks after children without parents. We also support local handball and badminton sport clubs.

What sets Pearls of Portugal apart from the rest

  1. Our personal approach – There is no “one size fits all”. We always want to present you with a service that suits your personal expectations. Throughout your journey, every step of the way is tailored to your needs.
  2. Local expertise – Our team is small and made up of local, Portuguese people, who not only have a lot of experience in the national real estate market, but can also give you valuable advice and help through your entire process – which comes with being a native 
  3. Everything in one place – After you sign up for a Pearls of Portugal service, every concern is lifted from your hands – we take care of everything you might need. From taking care of your visa, to finding you a house to either buy or rent, setting you up with our partner lawyers and construction companies and after-sales services, such as setting up utilities. 
  4.  Client Area – Based on our long experience in the market, we have developed a unique client area that is tailor made to the needs of our clients who want to buyrentrenovate, build, or apply for a Visa in Portugal.
about pearls of portugal
Frederik Pohl
Frederik Pohl, CEO
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