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Planning on living in Portugal? Anxious about finding a house? You don’t even know where to start? At Pearls of Portugal, we provide all the help and information you need in order to make your relocation process as easy as possible.

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Investing in Portuguese real estate is more popular than ever. Whether you’re coming to the country to relax, work or invest, it’s important to be all caught up with the market and know about what you need. Below you can find all sorts of information about living in Portugal, as well as properties. Get a feel of what the future can look like for you:

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Rent a Property

Are you looking to rent a house or apartment in Portugal? Or maybe searching how to rent out your own property? Curious about the Alojamento Local system? These processes can get a little complicated, especially when you’re not familiar with the way things work in a new country. But worry not! Pearls of Portugal helps you from beginning to end.


When buying a property in Portugal, you will most likely need to have some construction work done on your new home. You might even be interested in buying a plot of land and building from scratch. Or maybe your house is already perfect but you need to get its energy rating in order. No matter the specificities of your needs, Pearls of Portugal is here to guide you!

buying a property in portugal

Useful Information

Moving to Portugal, as with any country, is a process with many steps. Things can get overwhelming and confusing. Fortunately, you can find all the information you need here – from necessary documents, to taxes, to finding a home and everything about Portugal’s way of living. At Pearls of Portugal, we’re present throughout your whole journey, so you won’t have to worry about (almost!) anything. 


Over the last few years, Portugal has become quite a haven for not only investors, but also regular people just looking for peace and a different way of living. Luckily, Portugal offers Visa options for various circumstances – highly qualified professionals, retirees, entrepreneurs, investors and even digital nomads. Where there’s a will, there’s a way to come live in this beautiful country. 

Living In Portugal

Although small, the country has a great variety of cities, climates and cultures. Around 700,000 expats have chosen to start living in Portugal, with more people every year being drawn in by the meandering blue of the Atlantic coast. Regardless if you want more of a city life Lisbon experience, or the quietness of a smaller town like Aljezur, Portugal is certain to provide you with just the experience you’re looking for.

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